Gift Wrapping Ideas To Make Christmas Presents Look Unique


It is that time of the year when you are buying presents for your loved ones and want to present them in a warm manner too. Christmas brings together family and friends and exchange of lovely gifts is just a way to do so. Here are some DIY ways to make your presents look unique and exciting in very simple ways. To shop decorative items at amazing prices, use virgin experience days voucher code from

Block Print on Brown Paper

You do not need to spend money on expensive gift-wrapping paper when you can make interesting ones at home easily. Get some cheap brown paper for wrapping and stamp them with white or black colour using designed blocks. These blocks are usually wooden blocks with designs cut out on them. You can then tie a bow to make it look even more pleasant.

Red Bow and Foliage

Wrap the gift in plain white or brown paper and write the recipient’s name in good cursive handwriting on the top corner. Now you can tie a red bow nicely on the gift and attach some artificial leaves on one side for a typically rustic Christmasy feel. This looks simple but heart-warming on the occasion of Christmas.

Vegetable print

It is time to travel back to your school days and restart the fun job of vegetable printing. Take simple and cute prints with ladies finger chopped and dipped in different colours. You can also cut out Christmas tree shapes on sliced potatoes and imprint on white paper. This gives your plain wrapping paper a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing Christmas look.

Hand drawn paper

This is for the beautiful artists out there who can create the best gift-wrapping papers at home by drawing anything they wish to on the plain paper. Make customised gift-wrapping papers by drawing anything related to the person you are gifting.

Cut-outs on plain paper

Firstly, wrap your gifts in some plain paper of any colour of your choice. Now take a different contrasting coloured paper and draw small patterns on them. Now cut out those patterns and stick them on the wrapped gift to make them look unique. Improvise the designs or shapes that you can create and cut out to make your gifts look the best.

Spray painted paper

Another art form learnt by everyone in the school is spray painting. We all loved to spray the colours with a brush on paper or blow them with our mouths for the beautiful abstract painting formed on the paper. Apply the same for your Christmas presents. Take a large sheet of thick paper and complete the spray or blow painting work. Now cut them into sizes you need and wrap your gifts and see how artistic they look.

The handmade artificial bouquet on a gift

Your gift can be given a fascinating twist with an artificial handmade bouquet on top. Don’t panic at all as this is the easiest and the most interesting thing to make. All you need is some foliage or some artificial leaves for decoration, and some other decorative items like small glittered balls and bells and some glittered pine cones. Arrange them together and stick on top of the gift. In the middle place some flowers that you can make from old paper or used cloth. Give everything a final touch with a bright ribbon and bow.

Origami on a gift

Another stunning way to give your gifts a unique twist is by placing an origami creation on top of the present. Buy a book of origami and make some beautiful lotuses, Christmas trees, flowers, birds or butterflies to stick on your gifts.

Make handmade labels

Create personalised gift-wrapping papers very easily with leftover things at home and a few decorative items. Wrap the gift in plain brown paper. Now use some colourful old fabric to create a tie shaped design on the top. Write the name of the recipient in good handwriting on white paper and cut it out in a circle. Place it on top of the fabric and use small artificial foliage to create a wreath around the name. For a final touch to the gift, add a red bow on the top.

Reuse old clothes

There is a pile of clothes in your wardrobe that you will be wearing no longer. Take a few of them, cut them out and stick on your plain paper wrapped gifts for a unique look. Bright and colourful prints, polka dots or checks look very good for gifts.

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