Gift Selections for Her Birthday This Year


Whether her birthday is this month or later in the year, it’s never too early to start thinking about the perfect birthday gift for a special woman in your life. Whether it’s a girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, or grandmother, finding a personal and meaningful gift shows how much you appreciate and care for her.

But finding the right gift can be hard, as you’ll want to find something that she’ll use and cherish, not something that will end up collecting dust at the back of her closet. On the one hand buying something very specific can backfire if it’s not exactly what she wants or needs. On the other hand, something too general like a gift certificate can feel last-minute and impersonal.

So where to begin? Check out our tips below for how to choose a thoughtful gift for a special woman in your life along with some gift recommendations to get you started!

1. Give an experience

There is a lot of talk nowadays about how experiences are more fulfilling than material possessions, so why not give the gift of a special experience to the special woman in your life? Is she an avid tea drinker? Pick up this Tea Lovers Hamper and invite her close friends over for a tea party birthday party! This one includes a beautiful glass teapot as well as four types of delicious tea and a stainless-steel tea tube infuser. You could even ask everyone to bring a unique tea for her to try.

Or maybe she loves camping. Wrap up some new camping gear and plan a weekend getaway to a site you’ve never been to. Has she always wanted to try salsa dancing? Sign up for a class together and pick out some new dancing shoes for her to wear while twirling across the floor.

2. List her interests

Write down as many things as you can that she’s interested in or what defines her as a person. Now come up with a gift that fits each interest or attribute—this will take some thinking!

If she’s a primary school teacher, maybe she would love new games or activities for her classroom. If she’s an avid cyclist, maybe she would enjoy an insulated water bottle for hot days or a reflective vest for rides at dawn or dusk. If she loves jewellery maybe you can find an elegant jewellery organiser to display all of her pieces and keep them clean and untangled.

Once you’ve made your list, you might see that one item can reflect several of her interests. Maybe she loves to cook and has always wanted to visit India—why not find her a great cookbook and track down some of the ingredients she’ll need to make the dishes? It’s gifts like these that will really show her that you put careful thought into your selection, and she’s sure to appreciate it.

3. Look to Your Own Talents

Though it’s tempting just to go out and buy something when her birthday rolls around, there is nothing more special than giving a gift that you’ve created yourself. Are you an artist? Create a custom piece for her and have it framed. Bonus points if it’s related to one of her interests. Are you a great cook? Plan a special birthday dinner and cook all of her favourites. A musician? Learn to play her favourite songs or write one yourself and put on a special birthday performance. Know how to knit or crochet? Make her a scarf, hat or blanket that she’ll cherish for years to come. Gardener? Divide a few plants that have multiplied in your garden and help her plant them in her yard.

4. What Does She Need?

Sometimes what she needs may be obvious—maybe her old jacket is worn out, and she needs a replacement or her headphones died, and she needs a new pair. But what about when the woman you’re buying for doesn’t seem to need anything? This is when you need to think more broadly. Is she a busy mom? Offer to babysit and give her a night off. Is she stressed out studying for exams during her birthday? Send her this Therapy Kitchen Hamper which includes lemongrass, lime, and bergamot-scented candle, chocolate salted caramel mini melting moments, and rich fudge to help her relax and unwind after a long study session.

I know what you’re thinking—what if she really doesn’t need anything? If she really and truly has everything she needs, you can always use her birthday as an opportunity to donate to a worthy charity in her name. Whether it’s an animal rescue, cancer foundation, drug rehabilitation centre, or other cause, she is sure to love the gift of helping others on her birthday.

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