Get to know yourself with games: 3 reasons to try an escape room!


Do you think that you know yourself? Despite this, have you ever surprised yourself in strange situations? Getting to know ourselves is the greatest challenge of life. Would you like to consciously take part in this adventure and learn about yourself as much as possible in one hour? Life-simulation games like escape rooms and some psychological board games offer you the opportunity to get closer to yourself whenever you play with them. Let’s look at the working methods of the psychologist, Dr. Escape Room Game: how does it help you see yourself more clearly! Would you like to consciously take part in this adventure and learn about yourself as much as possible in one hour?

The secrets of the escape rooms

Escape rooms have themed scenes with unique stories that offer a mystery of what your task is to reveal if you want to exit from the room. It is more than a simple crossword puzzle or a complex anatomy test where you have to give back what you had crammed before.

In an escape room, you have to use your logic, IQ, EQ, and common sense. Moreover, you will meet with the pressure of the time, with unexpected situations where you have to take risks, make decisions fast and furiously, and cooperate with your teammates. Does it sound complex? Because it is, nevertheless, it is just a game!

1. Be my playmate!

At first sight, it might seem that alone everything is harder. Partly, it is true, however, when you are alone, you are the leader of yourself, and you are responsible only for yourself. You don’t have to take into account others’ opinions and worry about them.

The creators of the escape games believe in group dynamics with their ups and downs. Teammates are the best mirrors! As soon as you realize that somebody’s behavior irritates you, let’s do an honest self-analysis: “Do I behave in the same way?”

If yes, then you can understand and accept your mate. Furthermore, you are likely to find a way to support them. In the best case, you will be able to change your behavior so next time you will remember and act in a better way.

If you are sure that you don’t behave in this way, then be you the wiser one who gets a deep breath, look at the situation from above and try to understand the background indicator of your friend’s behaviour.

These kinds of situations prepare you for later times, when you might be in the same shoes like your playmate actually is. By those times, you will know yourself much better, so you will be able to make the right decisions.

2. Time is running out!

After a while, if you are persistent enough, you could even run the Marathon. The question is: how long would it take from you? It’s a matter, without doubt! In escape games, you have a limited time, usually 60 or 90 minutes (depending on the difficulty of the room, the number of the players) to find the way out.

The pressure of the time, for some people, is a stress-factor! They get a blackout, stop logically thinking, get panicking, apocalyptic thoughts, they are desperate. For the others, the time limit is a wake-up call. They feel the power, open their minds, put into function the 3rd eye, read between the lines, realise the relations, think complexly and see everything is soluble.

To which party do you belong? Make a guess, but the honest answer is waiting for you in an escape room or in real life.

3. The inside power of you

However, you work in a team, and the stress of the time limit puts an extra effect on you (positive or negative). To be able to prove your best during an escape game, you should be ready to apply your common sense. Don’t worry; everybody has this. Nevertheless, it might be needed to train this ability of yours to apply it at the right time, at the right place with the required speed. Maybe, it won’t work perfectly for the first time, and it doesn’t mean that you would be a loser! Please, forget this word! As soon as you try yourself in an escape room, you are a winner, and you have done the first and most crucial step towards improving your self-awareness, to get to know yourself more thoroughly! Practice makes the master!

Luckily, there are numberless escape rooms around the world like American Escape Rooms, just to mention one, who offer various types of rooms in distinct cities looking forward to everyone ready to train their IQ, EQ, logic, and common sense beside the upper mentioned abilities (teamwork and handling time pressure).

Anyway, escape games are just games! Take it as seriously as the game requires, but please note that it is simulation! If you are a great player, even if you might miss the exit, you will gain life-preparing experiences during a limited time. It is easily insertable into your weekly or monthly schedule if you are willing to get to know more about yourself and taste the life out of your comfort zone.

There is a wide range of escape rooms all around the country to choose from. Try as much as you can, especially because they offer you the opportunity to learn much better about the country while travelling from city to city for escape games.

What we can suggest as example is American Escape Rooms located in three cities:Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee with rooms for different groups of types of people and even for special occasions. Beside them, let’s discover other adventurous escape rooms  throughout the country or even abroad as well to get to know more about you and the world around you!

Take a chance on them! You can just win! Ready, steady, go!

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