Features of Ford Parallel Park Assist System


The Active park assist is made to increase the convenience of driving. As a driving aid it helps in parallel parking and makes it all easy for the driver even in narrow lanes. When you engage the system it automatically starts helping the driver find an appropriate space for parking the car. When it is necessary to reverse the car, allow the system to take off your hands from the steering wheel and find your vehicle parked perfectly into the space as you only keep control of the accelerator and the brakes.

How to Activate the System

As directed by the Ford dealer Benton, to activate the system, you need to press the Active Park Assist button, which will enable a display on the screen showing a message with a corresponding graphic to let you know that has started its search for a suitable parking space for the car.

Now it is time to select the turn signal to instruct the system if it should search on the right or left for a parking space. Without the activation of the turn signal, the system will search a space in the passenger side automatically.

Spot Identification

When the system could successfully find out a suitable space for your car, it would alert you with a charming chiming sound while the screen would change to display a message that would notify about the space it has found along with its direction to help you reach it. To park your car and make the system execute the operation successfully, you need to slow down your vehicle and continue driving towards the way till you hear a second chime. Once you hear that, stop your car as instructed by the system through its displayed message and you are almost done with the parking by following its further instructions.

In-Parking functionalities

Once the parking place is spotted by the system itself and you have reached the spot you’re your car, an array of functionality would take place in a consequential order before you find your car being parked at the perfect angle, maintaining a parallelly safe distance from the neighboring cars.

And here you find those functionalities taking place in smooth succession.

Automatic Steering:

Once you are there at the selected parking area, the system would adjust the car along a parallel alignment with other cars, so that no collision takes place while any of the cars are starting back. The automatic steering system takes full control on directing the vehicle into the best position of parking while the driver is expected only to control the acceleration and the brake.


The Ford Benton dealer expert says that at any parking space, the maximum speed a car can move with is 6 mph. any attempt to cross that speed limit would make the system get switched off and in that case the driver have to take full control of the vehicle.

Completing the Task

When you are happy with the space chosen by the system, both at the front and behind it, it is always recommendable to stop the vehicle essentially. When you do so, a solid chiming tone could be heard letting you know, the task of parking your vehicle is been completed successfully.

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