“Fear No More”: The Bold Humanist Beauty of Cremation as Part of Funerary Services


Every culture has its own funeral traditions. There is something deeply philosophical in the way Buddhist funerals treat death as a natural part of life’s continual repeating cycle. There is something wonderfully humanistic in the way Jewish funerals traditionally involve all family members symbolically helping to bury their own. And, likewise from funeral pyres for ancient Greek heroes to modern crematory techniques, cremation is moving way to honour the dead. While, as Shakespeare put it in Cymbeline, “Golden lads and girls all must, As chimney-sweepers, come to dust”, the sombre yet celebratory beauty of symbolic cremation assures us that, when faced with mortality, we need “Fear no more”.

Here is what you can expect from the best experienced cremation services in Dursley.

Experience Counts

Naturally, you do not want simply anyone handling the crematory process. As such, the best cremation services can point to decades of dedicated experience. They use the latest, cleanest techniques, and promise to treat the body of your loved one with the care and dignity they deserve.

Cremation Possibilities

With respect to cremation as part of an overall funeral service, there are a world of symbolic ways to honour your loved one, including:

  • Placing the ashes in an elegant urn, glass paperweight, or other item for permanent remembrance.
  • Having the ashes of your loved one be packed and shout out of literal memorial fireworks.
  • Fashioned into diamonds.
  • Interred in a spot dear to your loved one, such as their favourite venue or an open field replete with nature.
  • Scattered from the air over an area of their choosing.

Whatever your wishes, the best crematory team in Dursley will work to honour them.

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