Famous News Channels in Pakistan/ BOL News contact number (Pakistan)


Pakistan is a developing country & all sort of industries are experiencing rapid growth here. So is the case with Media Industry. Media plays a vital role not only in portraying the country’s growth to the world but also to know the whereabouts of the world.

National TV rating service has recently published the list of top news channels of Pakistan on the basis of the time they are watched by their viewers. These news channels are equipped with top intellectual employees who work 24/7 to keep their viewers updated with the news of the country & the world.

Here are few most famous news channels of Pakistan:

  • Geo News

Owned by Jung Group, this news channel started transmission in 2002. Now they are broadcasting around 5 channels in Pakistan like GEO Entertainment, GEO News, GEO Kahani, GEO Super and AAG TV.

Despite being closed for months illegally & many other controversies, this channel still has managed to be at the top in terms of popularity by their power of massive coverage line.

  • BOL News

BOL News is a part of BOL Network which was established in 2013. It claims to have transformed Pakistan’s Media Industry with their clear social development objectives. Now BOL News not only broadcast News, Entertainment and Sports on television but also made its presence in Web, Social Media & Media Apps and in Newspaper & Magazines.

BOL Network started broadcasting BOL News in 2016 & already has become one of the most popular news channels in the country. Headquartered in Karachi, BOL Channel News contact nrumbe is 03-111-111-265. BOL promises to bring positive changes to the media scenery of Pakistan by portraying and endorsing the soft image of Pakistan countrywide and worldwide.

They can be contacted through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. & also through the given BOL Channel News contact number & their official email ‘[email protected]

  • P-TV News

This government run news channel is a part of P-TV Group which also runs channels like PTV National, PTV Digital, PTV World, PTV Global and few more. It is a 24/7 state news channel that broadcasts in various regional languages.

Established in 1964, PTV enjoyed the leading position in the media industry in Pakistan until the start of the 21st century. It still remains one of the most important assets of the government.

  • ARY News

A bilingual news channel in Pakistan that runs in Urdu & English was established in 2004 as a part of ARY Digital Network, a subsidiary of ARY Group. ARY Digital also broadcasts a number of other channels like General Entertainment Channel, ARY Musik, ARY Qtv and also ARY Zindagi.

Although ARY News has been in many of controversies, this channel has still has managed a massive coverage line and viewership.

  • Express News

Pakistani Urdu language news channel Express 24/7 was established in 2009 & is based in Lahore. It is owned by the Daily Express, An Urdu newspaper. The Express Media Group also broadcasts other entertainment channels like Express Entertainment, Hero TV etc.

Within a very short time, this news channel has become quite popular by keeping the audience updated with the global current affairs with the help of their strong network worldwide.

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