Facts To Be Understood Before Hiring Party Wall Surveyors


Work sites involve the significant role of the wise surveyors that do lot of work on behalf of the guys that construct buildings and other spaces. It is these surveyors that facilitate proper measurements and other facilities for the people at large. When we talk of party wall surveyors, it means that the guys are not the persons that are parties to the work. These knowledgeable persons follow the rules and regulations since framed under the party wall act.

Facts about party wall surveyors – We should understand well the following aspects before hiring any party wall surveyor –

  • The owner cannot act as a party wall surveyor. So he or she cannot act for himself or herself but someone else is to do the assigned job for him or her. Anyone that looks after the job on behalf of the owner can be termed as the party wall surveyor or the architect. He or she should be equipped with enough construction knowledge. The guy should be able to understand and follow the party wall procedures. The basic qualification is also must for him or her. The ideal structural engineers and surveyors could act as competent party wall surveyors.
  • Known as the Agreed Surveyors too; these wise guys can work on behalf of two owners too that join hands in hiring him or her. So a single party wall surveyor could act efficiently for the two parties that sign a mutual agreement. All terms and conditions pertaining to the rights and responsibilities of the owners are specified in such documents. These papers mention the procedure about the work proceeds and items that are generally covered with special reference to the working hours etc. Consequential actions with regard to damages during the work are also defined in such documents.
  • Party wall surveyors are generally hired when your neighbor does not agree with you about the work since planned by you. This is the right time to hire the services of party wall surveyors. They generally jump in by service of notice whereas formal personal interaction with the neighbor is suggested to calm down the issues. The party wall surveyor is expected to see that all the requisite info is contained in the document otherwise it would stand invalid.
  • Party wall surveyors prepare a schedule with regard to the adjoining owners property’s existing condition prior to commencing the task. It helps in the accurate accomplishment of the task.
  • Many a times two party wall surveyors are attached for doing the task related to two properties. Then the building owner’s surveyor prepares the plan and the same is proofed by the other surveyor attached to the adjoining site.

Accomplishment of the requisite task is done by conforming to the provisions of the party wall act. The guys working as the knowledgeable party wall surveyors are expected to do the task in impartial manners whether they work independently or on a mutual basis. Once appointed, these surveyors would normally complete the entire task unless they themselves quit or declare themselves to be incompetent or meet their sad demise.

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