Factors To Consider When Choosing Toddler Blue Light Glasses


Buying your little one a pair of eyeglasses can be very tricky. That’s especially when you are buying them for the first time. You want to make sure that the glasses perfectly fit and suit your child. Eyeglasses for toddlers also come in a range of colors, styles, and shapes, making it easier to choose the one that your child will love. If you are looking for toddler blue light glasses and unsure of where to start, we are here to help. This article highlights the things you need to consider. They include:

The Lenses

The most important thing you should pay attention to when buying blue light glasses for your child is prescription. Before looking for the frames, you must consult with your toddler’s optician concerning the lenses. If the practitioner prescribes thick lenses, you should go for medium-sized lenses to avoid increasing the lenses’ thickness. It will eliminate the risk of blurred vision. Lighter lenses are ideal because they make wearing glasses more comfortable for your little one.

Further, you should consider the material of the lenses. This way, you can choose the best suitable material for your toddler. For instance, you should choose scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, and lightweight lens materials.

Frame Material

You also need to pay attention to the frame material when picking toddler blue light glasses. Toddler’s glasses are often made of metal or plastic. Both materials are cost-effective, lightweight, and durable. However, it is good to go for plastic frames because they are less likely to break or bend. But if you opt for metal frames, make sure that your child is not allergic to them.

Bridge Fit

One of the most challenging things about choosing toddler blue light glasses is that their noses have not fully developed yet. Therefore, they do not have a bridge to help stop the frames from sliding down. Luckily, you can prevent your toddler from constantly pushing their glasses from siding their nose is ensuring that the frames come with adjustable nose pads. This way, the glasses will fit the bridge of their nose and does not slide down their face.


It’s no secret that toddlers can be very rough on their glasses. They might even break them before the warranty expires. Therefore, the best thing is to buy your glasses from a reputable provider who offers the best warranties for eyeglasses.

Types of Lenses

When getting toddle blue light glasses, you’ll come across many types differentiated by the lenses’ color. These include:

  • Clear Lenses: Clear lenses filter up to 40% of blue light and are an ideal choice for your kid. Your child can wear them to school, where computers are often used in the school curriculum.
  • Yellow Lenses: The lenses clear out 75% of blue light but still allow enough to come through to reap the initial benefits
  • Orange Lenses: They filter out 98-99% of blue light but block other colors as well.
  • Red Lenses: These lenses filter out the entire blue light.

Final Words

Are you looking to protect your child from harmful blue light? Blueyes has you covered. Feel free to visit our website to see the range of toddler blue light glasses that we offer.

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