Drug Screening in Modern Employment


There are a variety of labs and types of drug tests available, and if you are curious about the 5 panel drug test Houston, read on to learn more about the methods in which drugs can be detected.

Who Receives a Drug Test?

In the past, drug testing was more common among jobs with the government or fields that dealt with the safety or health of the public, but in more recent years, smaller businesses and employers have adopted routine drug testing as part of their screening process for prospective hires. While securing employment is the most common reason for drug testing, there are other situations where it may be necessary, including:

  • Athletic testing (college or professional)
  • Random employer drug screenings
  • Insurance or workman’s comp claims dealing with accidents

What Samples Can Be Taken for Testing?

Drug panels can be performed by collecting samples of hair, urine, saliva or blood. Each sample can be used to judge a specific time of exposure or amount of drug users have taken over time. Blood and saliva samples can show if a drug is currently in a person’s system. Hair, on the other hand, can show chronic use of drugs over months. As for urine, the most common testing sample, it can pinpoint if drugs are currently in a person’s system, even if the effects have worn off.

What Drugs are Tested for Routinely?

Currently, most drug testing panels look for drugs that have highly addictive potential. The 5-Panel drug test identifies the most common drugs that are bought on the streets. These five drugs are cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, opiates and marijuana. If an employer is concerned about the abuse of prescription medications, a 10-Panel drug test will show the use of barbiturates, narcotics, and benzodiazepines.

The type of drug testing and the sample collection used are based on the need of the employer. By drug testing, employers can make more informed decisions about who they hire.

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