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Do You Need to Get Rid of Spam

Whilst email communications are helpful and necessary, you do not want your business correspondence to be corrupted with spam. The secret to making this type of communication more streamlined is to install an anti-spam gateway, which is software that can be installed between the Internet and your mail infrastructure. This type of software not only eliminates almost all spam but it also serves as a safeguard against viruses.

Safeguarding Your Business Operations and Communications

Whilst you cannot function without email, you still need to be aware of the risks. An email system that is not adequately protected becomes vulnerable to viruses, spyware, and Trojan and cryptolocker programmes. In turn, your computer system can become an open target for extortion or phishing attacks.

Send Any Unwanted File to Quarantine

Fortunately, you can install a software programme such as Mailcleaner to protect you from unwanted digital activities. A programme that protects your inboxes from malware makes it possible for you to run your business without distraction. With this programme installed, you will only receive important business-related correspondence. Should a harmful file be detected, the programme will instantly send it to a quarantine zone to prevent further damage to your system.

You can obtain this type of software through one of several packages that can be used by large and small businesses alike. The spam filter that is offered can be easily configured by switching the domain name server or DNS with your online Internet service provider. Again, when this is done, the emails are filtered through hosted servers that direct any unwanted viruses or messages to a quarantine folder online.

Easy Installation, Optimum Protection

This type of programme can be integrated with just about any Internet service provider (ISP) as it can be directed over various domains with different filtering rules. Moreover, each server gateway manages big traffic volumes too. To obtain this type of service, you can install a programme in under 15 minutes.

As Flexible as it Is Easy to Install

Whether you are a sole trader or oversee a large corporation, it is important to make sure that you install anti-spam software for more effective communications. If you want to avoid any unwanted files or messages, you need this type of software to protect you. Do you want to declutter your business’s inboxes? If so, you can get rid of the excess messages with a programme that is as flexible as it is easy to install.

How Many Mailboxes Do You Need to Protect?

When installing this type of cloud-based antispam product, you need to include the number of mailboxes you would like protect. This type of software can block as much as 99% of unwanted emails and is also user-friendly. The administrative and user interfaces are intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, you need to contact a service provider or learn more about the advantages online.

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