Do You Need Pet Insurance?


Your pets are a big part of your life; they bring you joy and companionship. For many people, a pet is a member of the family, deserving of the same love and attention that a human being would be. That is true when it comes to medical care as well. You have insurance for the human members of your family. If they get sick, they can go to a medical professional who will treat them. Is your pet covered in case of illness or injury?

How It Works

Pet insurance is slightly different than health insurance for a human being. For a human, your insurer is billed for the price of your medical procedure, and you are simply asked to pay a co-pay. Your premium is the amount of money you have to pay every month. Your co-pay and your premium depend on a lot of different factors. For pet insurance, however, the process is somewhat different.

You still have a co-pay and a premium, but it is treated more like the insurance on a product. Your pet obviously isn’t a product, but in the eyes of the law, your pet is your property. So, if you have insurance, you pay the price of the medical procedure and then you are reimbursed the agreed-upon amount. The price of your insurance differs depending on various risk factors and how much coverage you need. If you are trying to cover your pet against any possible injury or illness, it will be more expensive than a narrower consideration.

Who Needs It?

Pet insurance is great for young and old pets alike. If you have a young dog, it might be at risk for injury. All puppies are energetic and some puppies even more so than others; Labrador retriever puppies, for example, are very energetic. Labrador Retriever pet insurance will help you cover the costs of veterinary care in case your puppy hurts itself while playing. Some of the most common energy-related injuries involve stepping on something that hurts its footpads or tangling with stinging insects.

If you have an older dog, you might need pet insurance to cover your dog from illness. As dogs get older, they lose a little bit of energy. The chances of illness go up, though. An older dog has a weaker immune system. With routine check-ups, you can keep your dog healthy for as long as possible. Those can get to be expensive, though. You need to buy insurance to cover the cost of check-ups. Because you will be going to the veterinarian regularly, insurance for check-ups is actually some of the most expensive pet insurance. It is also the most worthwhile. You will pay a slightly higher premium, but you will be reimbursed the majority of the cost. Since you will be making regular claims, it will pay for itself very quickly and you’ll start saving money before you know it.

Insuring your pet might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it actually saves you money. Pet insurance guarantees that you will be able to take your pet to the veterinarian as needed.

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