Do you love your TV? Then Care for it


Here are Maintenance Tips for Your Television Sets

The Television Sets (TVs) have become the primary source of entertainment and news source to the majority of families in the US. From music, sports, news, movies, adverts, and other programs all are mostly viewed through TV sets.

As for the TV buyers and enthusiasts, the issue comes where you want to take care and maintain your TV sets for an extended period. With the new high definition flat panel LCDs televisions that have replaced the cathode ray tubes, great care should be taken in their maintenance. For many TV owners and TV lovers, the goal is to ensure the set looks and stays new as well as good for a long period of time.

This article aims at making the reader aware of how to maintain and take care of their TV sets and to ensure it stays in good condition for an extended period.

TV Maintenance

What to do when installing

Remember to read the TV set user manuals before installing. Though tedious, it gives you instructions tips on product usage, features as well as ways of tackling minor problems.

Install your TV set on a less humid atmosphere place. Ensure the room is well ventilated and have proper room temperature. Give your set enough space to ‘breath’ to avoid overheating of its internal components. If the ventilation system of the TV set is at the back, avoid placing it on the wall. Place it on the entertainment center, on the table or more than four inches from the wall. Also, avoid very high ambient temperature as it may cause the TV to overheat.

Avoid placing the TV set in a dusty environment. Grime and dust cause rust as well as short circuits on your TV. Also, it causes the set to look old and lose value very fast.

Plug your television set to a socket with a balanced power supply. If your power supply is erratic or keeps on fluctuating, ensure your TV is connected to a power stabilizer and power strips that offers surge protection. This stabilizer provides your set is not affected by the current outage.

Also, place TV away from electronics equipment that may cause high magnetic fields. Such apparatus includes washing machine, air conditioning gadgets or fridge.

What to do when your TV Set is on

Ensure your TV settings are balanced. The brightness, color, sharpness and contrast background should not be set too high above level 50. Adjust the brightness according to the room light availability. Adjusting it too high strain the television set and makes it work harder than necessary to display the colorful images. The pressure reduces the quality of display with time and increases wear and tear. Furthermore, it increases power consumption as well as straining your eyes when viewing.

Always keep away sharp objects from the television screen. Avoid using or throwing objects at the screen as there are very sensitive and may damage or scratch it. Caution your kids against playing around the TV set as there may accidentally cause damage it.

Cleaning of the TV set

People usually think that all cleaning involves water and detergents. However, cleaning your electronics directly with water or liquid is prohibited entirely to avoid short circuits. The proper cleaning procedure involves:

  • Turning your TV off and unplugging it from the power
  • Using a lightly moisten anti-static cloth. Rub the set frame and screen gently to avoid breakage. Do not let water directly on the screen or even enter inside the set behind the casing
  • Wipe the set with a dry cloth immediately after cleaning.
  • Leave the screen to dry before plugging it back completely

Note: To avoid scratch or permanent damages of your TV screen, never use abrasive pads, dry cloth or paper towel on the screen. Also, never use any cleanser that contains solvents like alcohol, soap, window cleaner, or scouring pad. Furthermore, it is worth you invest on quality, safe TV set cleaning products that are specifically designed to clean the screen.

If not watching, turn it off

Most of the homeowners leave their TV sets on even when they are not watching it. Others even leave them on when not at their homes to create an impression of a physical presence at home for security purpose. To some, it is all about the background noise that keeps them entertained and reduces boredom.

On average, an LCD TV set lifespan is around 65,000 hours. If you leave it on for a long period even when you are not watching, it significantly reduces its lifetime. For example, leaving the set on for five hours per day translate to 1,825 hours per day. That’s quite a lot. Furthermore, it drastically cuts down the power bill. Therefore, ensure you switch off the TV and unplug it from power when not in use for a long time.

Finally, never try to open or service your TV set under any circumstances. The television set contains sensitive electrical devices that can get easily damaged if handled by a non-expert. Therefore, always try and contact an authorized dealer or repair experts.


Proper maintenance of your TV set is crucial to guarantee it stays in excellent condition. Reading the user manuals and getting the maintenance tips increases its lifespan and reduces the trips to the repair shop. Also, it does not hurt for you to consult an expert when installing your TV set for some installation tips. Handle the TV set with care and always when cleaning, do it in a gentle manner.

It may save you spending more money on repair in future or even purchasing a new one and ensure its durability. Furthermore, you will enjoy your TV set for long, and always it will display clear as well as brighter images all- the times.

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