Direct general car insurance rates for safety drivers


To support what I am saying, let me call for your attention the truth that the board of appeal has had many hearings. At the outset, while the board of appeal established no fixed policies and thought that an owner should be given an opportunity to own and operate his automobile under the new law without having to be penalized for his record underneath the old, yet in most cases subsequent acts for that motor vehicle owner because the  law continues to be operating have been discovered to be reasons for the supporting from the companies in their judgments to refuse in order to cancel. Several automobile  cheap car insurance owners in Massachusetts have discovered, much to their surprise, that the law contains very sharp teeth, and among other reasons that have been supported by the board as a just cause of refusing or canceling is driving an automobile while intoxicated by liquor. The board has said in no uncertain terms that no company shall be compelled to hold as a risk anyone who operates his motor vehicle while under the influence of liquor.  It’s also decided with equal certainty that persons operating cars for unlawful purposes are to be  considered undesirable risks, as well as for various other causes and reasons the companies have been supported within their judgments.

The main benefits to be cheap car insurance based on the decisions and judgments of the appeal board aren’t to be found within the fact that a particular individual has been -deprived of his right to own and operate an automobile in Massachusetts, but rather in the psychological effect that such decisions when known have upon others. I’m of the strongest opinion that when the motoring public becomes aware of the fact that if they’re negligent and reckless and cause accidents, they’re likely to be from the highways entirely, not only as owners because of their inability to obtain insurance, but as operators since the Registrar of Cars, being a member of the appeal board, won’t permit them to have operators’ licenses, then the reaction is going to be beneficial. Quite simply, the automobile owners of Massachusetts will eventually be brought to a state of mind where they’ll see that unless they conduct themselves properly around the highways and are careful in the operation of their cars they will not be permitted in effect either to own or manage a car.

In 1924, you will remember, I in no way made any personal commitments either for or from the proposition for any compulsory motor vehicle insurance law and Today, I’m heartily in favor of this type of law. Many of us are familiar with the great and growing number of deaths and injuries caused to folks of this country with the operation of motor vehicles. We are all equally acquainted with the many efforts which are being designed to prevent those deaths and injuries, even though it may be truly asserted we should take away the cause and prevent or reduce accidents rather than provide compensation, yet such prevention, and, in the light of existing facts, even reduction is a long way off and to a very degree the idea is Utopian, sad as it may be to admit it. ,We are bound, therefore, to show to such remedies for that dis-ease as are palliative, with the full knowledge that the. cure doesn’t seem possible. In my opinion, compulsory insurance coverage is and will be a palliative, and, if given a reasonable trial, is going to do more to produce care for motor vehicle owners and operators and thus prevent accidents than any single remedy which has hitherto been suggested.

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