Dangers to Avoid While Buying a Used Car


Purchasing a used car would presuppose some risks a sometimes the transactions might get tricky and elusive. Getting the know-how about finding a good used car is important before you step out for the market. Some good advises can come handy when purchasing it from a used-car dealer, but the same might not work out of the vehicle is planned to be bought from a private seller.

Here are some tips from an expert of the used car dealer Kansas City on what precautions needs to be taken whie buying a used car, so that it doesn’t end up in a deal of huge loss.

  1. Confirming the Validity of the Numbers

The first thing to look for on the used car checklist is validating the three major numbers. Make sure that:

  • The Vehicle Identification Number, that consists of a 17-digit alpha-numeric code is existing on a metal plate placed inside the engine bay,
  • The engine number is correctly stamped physically on the engine without any erased or phased out digit,
  • The registration number is prominently visible on the number plates

If any of the numbers don’t match with the one you have been furnished with, do not hesitate to report them to the police.

  1. Check on the Debt History

The second important tip to check before buying a used car is to see and confirm if the vehicle has any debt status. If the owner of the car has borrowed any money to purchase the car, the lender is supposed to only use the car as a security over the debt to recover the funds in case the owner defaults to pay back. Sometimes, few unethical people could try to sell the car to avoid the debt, receive the money, and yet default the payments. In that case the lender might repossess the car that “you own now” to recover the debt as the car is still a security against the previous owner’s amount of loan.

  1. Avoid any Repaired Write-Offs

A repaired write-off unfortunately, cannot be insured in general, and might not be even covered by the factory issued warrant. So before signing up a deal, check on the insurance claim history of the vehicle.

  1. Check for the Crash Damage History

Make sure to check out for any hidden damage of the said vehicle before paying off the money. It is always better to get along with you a trusted mechanic from a reputed dealer like used car dealer KC, who can assess the overall condition of the vehicle on the spot and find out if there is any hidden mechanical damage that the owner has not declared.

  1. Fix Up the Finances Beforehand

Checking on the finances before buying a used vehicle is a good idea as agreeing to the dealer’s in-house finance might look easier at the moment although one might end up paying more. Assessing the finance options by reputable lenders is always recommended.

Lastly do not hesitate to step back, if the deal doesn’t sound beneficial to you as the seller is in more hurry and in need to sell than the buyer to buy.

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