Customised Pin Badges To Consider- An Overview


Do you like wearing pin badges? Is it your favorite? Sometimes, it happens that people want to buy badges designed by their own. They like customizing their pin badges accordingly to their wish. In that case stores do not keep those badges you want so you can contact companies who deliver Customised pin badges in best price point and attractive quality.

There are many unbelievable and brilliant companies providing custom pin badges just from your imagination. These companies design and manufacture badges which are very eye catchy and most creative to enhance your personality. They provide beautiful designs and have a wide range of different styles and finishes to choose from. Though there are many numbers of designs over there to choose from but today we will learn here five main pin badges design. There are 5 main styles of custom pin badges to choose from. All these badges available for you are of any shape you want it, or any size and different variety finishes. Those badges are soft enamel, cloisonné, silicone, photo etched, brushed metal etc. Sometimes people become confused about which style to choose. In that case you can probably call the company providing badges and they will recommend you on the best process to achieve your design.

About five badges

  • Soft Enamel Custom Pin Badges

It is one of the most popular choice for custom lapel pin badges and the most economical to produce. Mainly manufactured for different eye catchy designs or logos with solid colors like green, blue, orange etc.

  • Cloisonné Custom Pin Badges

It is much similar to soft enamel pin badges but from inside it is filled with a powdered glass mixture. This mixture increases its quality as when it is fired in a kiln at a high temperature, it shines brightly. This makes it a little unique in sense by which your colorful design looks more special and unique.

  • Silicone Custom Pin Badges

Apart from the two mentioned above, you may be wondering about something new with different design. If so, you can go for this special one- Silicone Pin Badge. This is one of the most unique economic Customised pin badges option. These types of badges are extremely versatile and reflects 2D or 3D designs in fine detail.

  • Photo Etched Custom Pin Badges

These type of badges are normally used where photographic images are added with some mix or unique colors being added to it. To make this, a blank pin badge is used by adding digital print over it. Then the badge is coated with a clear epoxy dome which is important and protects the filled in image. This provides a smooth glossy finish too.

  • Brushed Metal Custom Pin Badges

This is also one of the unique pin badges in list. It is a unique metal being brushed which shows the details in your design beautifully. In this badge the raised areas are polished beautifully to contrast against the matt.

These badges are fitted and finished virtually making it most unique. Thus there are two most common types of custom pin badge fittings like brooch attachment and butterfly clutch attachment. Some advanced companies finish these badges unique way. You can get different varieties of badges in a range of different platings. Even you don’t need to pay any extra charges for this. It will be finished for you free of cost. Thus you can now demand for any pin badges.

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