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Internet is flooded with numerous options when it comes to paid online writing jobs. However, the real problem relates to authenticity and trust of such jobs. Writers in India and abroad face this problem frequently. But there is one name that provides absolute trust and legitimacy in online writing jobs. It is none other than Contentmart!

Let us take a quick glance at how Contentmart is helpful for any freelance writer.

Secured Payment – Payment is the first concern for all content writers. When writers accept any assignment online, they are always in doubt about their payment. Contentmart provides a complete safe, easy and secured payment method. Once you have completed and sent the content through this site, you can stay assured about your payment. If the client approves your work, you get the payment transferred in your account in no time. If, due to some reason, the client does not respond for another five days after the submission of your writing assignment, your money gets transferred automatically in your wallet.

Availability of Variety of ProjectsThe most interesting and beneficial fact about Contentmart is that freelance writers get a variety of projects to choose from. No one forces you to choose a certain project. Rather, you choose an assignment as per your need. Once you find a project of your choice, all you have to do is to send your offer or proposal to the client. If the client accepts your proposal, he/she awards the project to you. You get a deadline with every project and have to submit the content in time.

Easy & Effective Site Design – One of the coolest things about Contentmart is its simple and impressive design. Even a first time visitor can understand in just few minutes that how this site works for both clients and writers. You just have to scroll up and down and turn on to next pages in order to find a project of your choice.

Regular Updates – Contentmart also sends regular updates to its clients and writers as well. Be it the new messages from clients, project acquisitions, review from the client or the inclusion of new projects, the site sends you the relevant messages directly to your inbox. As a freelance writer, you need to manage your time cleverly and Contentmart helps you in that! Even by checking your mail, you can know about the newly added projects, new messages or comments from the clients.

Great Help & Support – Contentmart has also got a strong and helpful Help & Support staff. The staff is very quick in responding. Whenever the writers leave a query, they get a quick reply in just few hours. As a writer, you may clear any of your doubts. Even the clients are opportune with such facilities.

Contentmart provides a great platform to all the freelance writers!

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