Construction Lasers: What To Ask Your Provider


Levelling technology is some of the most imperative pieces of construction and surveying technology. Whether you’re levelling your floors, aligning the walls, establishing grades or checking the porch, laser levels are the perfect measuring instrument for a huge range of applications!

But, to ensure you get the perfect model for the job, it is imperative to ask your prospective provider a few basic questions, as it can make all the difference in your levelling results:

1. Is it suitable for a range of applications?

If your operation requires multiple applications for your construction lasers, then the first thing you should ask the prospective provider is if they have models that provide a complete a range of functions. For example, levelling technology can be used for the likes of pipe laying, sewer pipe laying, stormwater technology and much, much more.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is ask the provider if their product can be used for a range of applications. After all, there are a huge range of models available, all completing various roles, so you want to ensure the technology is perfect for your operation to avoid any hassle once you receive it.

2. How long have you provided your technology?

A reputable provider should have at least a few years of industry experience under their belts. This is because this technology is highly complex and requires a knowledgeable team to provide all the information required to assist their clients.

Levelling technology comes with a range of specifications, especially as the model may pertain to different roles. For this reason, there could be various technological specs to each model, something which your provider should be more than ready to assist in training to your team if necessary.

3. Can I see some client testimonials?

If other clients have had happy experiences using the provider’s levelling technology, you should be able to trust that they will happily share it with other prospective clients.

Therefore, you should be able to ask the technology provider about client references in which they detail their experiences with the provider as well as the levelling technology they provided. You should be able to find a team of passionate individuals who will be more than happy to help you operate it and this should be attested to through their client testimonials.

4. How quickly can you deliver the technology?

Naturally, you probably want to start your project, and you don’t want to be waiting around for months on end for the provider to deliver the levelling technology. Therefore, you should always inquire as to how quickly the provider can deliver the technology.

If, of course, they can deliver it quickly and without any holdups – fantastic! But if they umm and ahh about their delivery times there could be the risk that they are too busy to offer their full attention to you and your operational needs. Therefore, you might want to ensure that they can deliver the technology quickly and efficiently!

5. Can we hire the tech or do we have to buy it?

You may not need levelling technology on a regular basis, and therefore there is absolutely no need to buy it! After all, it can be expensive, and you don’t want it consistently taking up your warehousing space if you don’t always need it.

So, inquire about hiring the technology: it could make a big difference in your business project’s overall budget!

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