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Colorado Hail and Vehicle Damage

hail damage

The Front Range region is a fantastic place to live and is attracting more and more residents because of its quality of life. Coloradans like to boast about the great weather. They enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. One downside, however, to our weather is the occurrence of powerful hailstorms, which can wreak tremendous damage. Sooner or later, you may find yourself in need of hail storm repair Lakewood CO.

Why Does Colorado Get So Much Hail?

Colorado is second only to Texas in the number of hail insurance claims. Why are hailstorms so common in Colorado, especially along the Front Range, an area sometimes referred to as “Hail Alley“? the answer lies in the collision of two totally different types of air masses, which particularly tend to happen in the spring and summer parts of the year. On warm days, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico can flow northward across the high plains.  In Hail Alley, they collide with cool, dry air from the Pacific or Canada. Although the meteorological details are quite complex, the net result is a lifting of the warm humid air high into the atmospheres. Supercells containing dangerous hailstorms are often the result.

The Costs of Hail Damage

Across the USA, hail damage to vehicles, homes, and crops amounts to some $10 billion. A fair amount of these costs is in Colorado. With regard to cars and trucks, it’s not uncommon for hundreds of vehicles to be pelted and damages in a matter of a few minutes.

If you find your vehicle damaged by a powerful hailstorm seek out a collision and repair service that has successfully worked with hail damaged vehicles for many years. Make sure they have certified and trained technicians, it also helps to ask if they offer free towing.

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