Clothes to Prepare for Your Trip to Japan


If you wish to travel to Japan, it is essential to understand their fashion perspective and styles, so that you can easily blend in. Of course, their culture is different than the Western world, so you should check guides such as this and prepare yourself before the trip.

It is also important to do a weather check so that you can determine whether you should bring something warmer when you travel. In both cases, you will be able to match your clothes with the environment without any additional hassle.

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Read on to learn more about what you should pack when traveling to Japan when it comes to clothes:

  1. Tops

In case you are a woman smaller than 170 cm and man smaller than 180 cm, you do not have to worry about finding clothes in Japan. You will be able to purchase them in second-hand shops, retail shops,and flea markets during weekends.

You can rest assured because it won’t cost you too much when compared with Western prices. On the other hand, if you are situated in a major city, you will be able to find shops for big size clothes, but in small towns, you won’t be prepared,and that is a fact.

If you want to bring only short sleeves, you can rest assured, because the culture will appreciate your style and affection.

During the winter, you will only need a sweater to keep you warm, so if you are tall and have long hands, you should pack it, because it will be challenging to find it.

  1. Pants

The same thing goes for pants too, because if you are taller than 180 cm, it will be challenging to find appropriate pairs over there, so bring everything that you can.

It will be difficult to find the ones that will fit you and even when you see them; they feature high price tag due to limited choices.

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  1. Bra

If you are wondering why, remember that Japanese women are generally slim so if you are on the chubby side, it would be best for you to pack dozens because it would be very hard to purchase one that would fit you. You may be able to find the appropriate size in lingerie shops, but you won’t have many choices and it can be very expensive.

  1. Shoes

Japanese wear wide and flat shoes, which mean that it will be challenging to find a new one that fit your style, perspective and what you wish to achieve. Of course, you can find foreign shops such as Nike and Adidas, but they are mainly built for Japanese foot sizes.

Similarly, like any other clothes in Japan, it will be challenging to find the large size, and even if you do, you will have to pay a hefty price for it.

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