Clever Ways to Make Small Kitchen Seem Bigger


A few months ago, my husband and I finally bought a house for ourselves. We found it perfect except the kitchen wasn’t that big I was expecting for. On the other hand, we couldn’t let go such great deal because of the kitchen size. I had always wanted 8-9 feet long open kitchen which makes cooking more fun and food tastes even better. I was in a fix. When we talked to architect, there was hardly any scope to get the floor area bigger physically. But thanks to our interior designing team, who was smart enough to make it look bigger without breaking any walls. Here are few strategic and clever visual tip and tricks to design an impression of a bigger space.  


Natural light is an amazing resource to make an enlarged view. Poor lighting can turn big area kitchens into dull and shabby spaces. Simple window treatments bring natural light as much as possible in the room. If you want privacy, opaque shades and blinds add a great style without defeating the purpose. To bring maximum light with the best décor option, go for statement lighting. In case you feel a pendant lighting is too big for the area and it might block the view out of windows, recessed or minimally designed LED lighting should be considered. In fact under cabinet and cabinet accent lighting add layers of lights and brightens up preparation area as well.


Wood is undoubtedly a classy choice but glass doors for cabinets trick your eyes making a room look spacious. Glass door options bring an open look and walls feel farther away than actually, they are. Clear glass fronts lighten up the heavy look and you can look through until the end. Keep the cabinets arranged and less cluttered, else this strategy won’t help much. Various styles are available for Glass cabinet doors ranging from traditional wood frames to chic luminous ones.


You can remove all visual boundaries in a kitchen by following a simple trick of limiting wall and cabinets to a single colour. Kitchen shelves in contrasting colours look great but only in decent size kitchens. In smaller ones, it creates visual fragmentation which gives a total negative effect. Same colour of walls, cabinets and fixed appliances blend well to give a spacious look.  The old school of thoughts and design asks you to use pale colours or whites but you can create a serene effect by using pleasing blues, classic greens or soft greys. Just remember to keep everything in the same colour family with minimum variation possible.

Instead of painting, you can go with wooden wainscoting. Generally, humidity and moisture get captured in the kitchen and walls ask for renovation. Wainscoting covers at least one third of the wall area. Later, instead of repaying to get paint discoloration corrected, wainscoted walls doesn’t bother you at all. Go for a beadboard line designing on the top of the wall cabinets. This will add additional details in the space, without overwhelming and cramping the outlook.


Replacing closed cabinets with open shelves make kitchen area more bright and open. You don’t have to go and survey for fancily designed shelves. Simplistic and minimal styled floating shelves reduce visual weight and bring a roomy feel. These are much preferred because of being cost effective and painless to maintain. Now, it is high time to show off your pretty dishware and crockery all time which are always hidden in closed cupboards.


Glossy finished and polished shelves add a great visual charm in a small kitchen. Reflective surfaces enhance the lighting in your small kitchen and give a lively and exuberant vibe. Other than glossy furniture, glass and mirrors are other attractive choices for a small kitchen design. They are very reflective and lend an amazing splashback.  However, glass is not limited to use as a splashback. It can be fit into counter tops, cabinetry, and doors. Mirrors placed on an adjacent wall or room reflect light on the kitchen and hence, magnify the space. Not only strategically fit mirrors, stainless steel appliances, slick floors, satin paint and glass tiles also do the trick.


Storage options in any kitchen should take the least of floor area. Instead, you can make enough space between the walls. Recessed shelves are the best options for storage when rooms are possible to get cramped with stuff. You can get these designed and trimmed to complement well with the rest of furnishing. With recessed shelving, you don’t have to forgo any kitchen space. Crowded countertops with toasters, coffeemakers, canisters, jars etc can be kept in this storage style. Smart storage options make space feel bigger and yet everything easy to access for food preparation.


A small kitchen demands limited sized furnishings. Small footprint furniture takes less floor and wall space making room feels comfortable. Visually lightweight furniture display a cleaner outlook. Huge and chunky furniture bring unnecessary bulk in the decor. You can maximize the space by going for slim chairs, narrow and streamlined tables. Translucent furniture materials, open table legs, and armless chairs seem to reveal more space than available.


An organized kitchen gives a larger view. I have realized that working in a smaller kitchen is more convenient and everything is easily accessible if space is uncluttered. Without going into extreme decorating details, keeping things tucked in the shelves properly will make view open and hassle free. Countertops cramped with cookware and dish wares overwhelm the already available small area. Make sure your counters, cabinet tops, and window sills are clear. You may stash the stuff in closed doors and recessed storage options mentioned above.


Patterned and highly contrasting coloured flooring in small space adds visual clutter. Long lines and tiles which draw your attention from one corner of the room to another, bring wider look than the actual one. The striped flooring or rug running side to side stretches the visible floor area. Ditch the bright and contrast coloured rugs and choose the one having a shade similar to woodwork or tiles.So, there are no more talks of ‘tiny’ kitchen, skimpy counter area and pretty little appliance area. Without knocking out any walls, few strategic and decorative tips created the desired impression of larger space. Feel better and cook well with balanced and spacious vibes.

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