Choosing the Right Laser Hair Removal at Home


Choosing the Right Laser Hair Removal at Home

Why choose an expensive option for those unwanted hair when you can do it at home? Read through as you will be given tips and tricks on the right laser hair removal at home.

  1. What you initially need is to get your own equipment for hair removal. You can buy this device at any retail or department store.
  2. Choose the right and best one that will suit your needs and requirements.
  3. Check the specifications and other features of the tool.
  4. Make sure that it has gone through the test and passed the trial of FDA.
  5. Consider the price tag of the device you are about to purchase.
  6. Know the pros and cons of your preferred products.

Best Laser Hair Removal in 2018

Here are some of the top laser hair removal you can use at home.

  1. Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz

Remington iLIGHT has been using light pulses for hair to stop growing. You can regularly use its quartz cartridge for regular treatment. It comes with a skin tone sensor and a skin contact sensor, a long power cord, and a huge light-emitting head.

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  • It enables you to test your skin whether it’s suitable for treatment.
  • You can use it on a daily basis.
  • The usual unreachable areas can be treated by this device.
  • It approved by the FDA.


  • Its usage in smaller parts can be tricky.
  • It can only be used in your body, not in the face
  • It can cause skin irritation.
  1. SmoothSkin GOLD IPL Hair Removal

The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) produces light energy transported in your skin then absorbed by hair melanin. The heat energy prevents the hair follicle from growing. Its cartridge flashes can attain 15 years of treatment. It has dual treatment modes designed for small and large area treatment.


  • SmoothSkin GOLD is FDA approved.
  • It is effective in treating a huge range of skin tones.
  • Its Glide treatment mode is for the large areas while its Stamp treatment mode is for the delicate body parts.
  • It is offered with a two-year warranty period.


  • It is not advisable for those with dark skin/light hair color.
  • It’s not appropriate to treat dark spots or tattoos.
  • You may find it difficult and/or uncomfortable to use the tool.
  1. Silk’n Flash&Go

This can be regarded as the easiest hair removal to use. All you need to get it done is to flush it over the skin to remove the hair. Hair growth is then mitigated with its Home Pulsed Light technology. It uses 5000 flashes for whole body treatment for at least five times.


  • This tool is already approved for use by FDA.
  • You can use it treating both your body and face.
  • It is lightweight which makes it easy to carry.


  • Use of the tool is based on the type of the skin.
  • Be very careful in using it as it can hurt you.

The tips, tricks, and recommendations presented above serve as your guidelines to get the most of your preferred laser hair removal at home.

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