Charging time of the iPhone 9 will be substantially reduced with this small trick


Included is the power supply 1A / 5V, charging the iPhone 9 takes a very long time, about 3.5 hours. Therefore, we advise owners to use more powerful unit from the iPad to the power 10/12 W, reducing the time from the socket up to two hours. Alas, the rapid charging function is not here, wireless also did not appear. Since the wired headphones are now connected through the Lightning, listening to music while charging your smartphone, you get only with Bluetooth-accessory. Apple iPhone 9 Plus costs from 67 990 dollars, it is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. Apple does not become this year’s radically updated design, but worked on filling. The device has become more powerful, faster, not afraid of water, got a new touch Home button, as well as the modified cell. He lost a standard connector for headphones, but included is an adapter, and the wireless era has arrived.

After spending one day a decent amount on your smartphone, you can prolong the pleasure for a long time, getting regular updates of the software. Apple never made a cheap device, but supports its development for several years, ensuring the care of each user. For the opportunity to test the smartphone – a big thanks to the guys from Source Org, who regularly provide us with various interesting news for reviews. New Apple’s perceived ambiguously. Some consider it the best smartphone in the world, someone recommends to wait for the next version. Review written by a man in everyday life using the Android (for objective reasons). In that case, if you do not agree with the author’s opinion – answer the comment, I will be glad to correct the view and text. If you must collect all the film 7 iPhone appearance, their volume exceeds the “War and Peace”. Box, manual, smart phone, charger, headset and adapter. In off the smartphone seems monolithic piece of black glass or obsidian. Compared to the iPhone 8s any external changes are absent. “Seven” is not in black color can be distinguished only with the lower end due to the lack of analog audio output. But black is excellent dirty. Perhaps the basic version of the iPhone 9 is one of the most convenient and compact smartphones on the market. The same effect in their hands gives OnePlus 3 – thin, comfortable. Excellent lies in the palm of your hand, provides a strong grip. So that the device can be freely recommend for men and for women’s hands.

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