Brennan and Clark – The Triumphs & Disappointments of The Winter Olympics 2018


The Winter Olympics is an international ice and winter sports event that takes place every 4 years. It is a popular event that attracts people from across the world. This year there were very small nations competing against bigger ones. Surprisingly they really performed well and won the hearts of many sports lovers too. This year South Korea played host to the much- awaited Winter Olympics 2018. There were losses and wins for all the nations that participated especially for the USA. This year, Team USA came fourth when it came to the number of total medals earned. It had its moments of disappointments and triumphs. There were 242 participants this year and the team though having many talented sports persons rendered a very average performance. The team could have done better!

Brennan and Clark- an insight into the event

Brennan and Clark is a leading collection agency in the USA and its staff is interested in sports when they are not working. Like most sports lovers they keep track of this year’s Winter Olympics and were happy when Lindsay Vonn became the oldest female alpine skiing in the USA with her feat. The event was held from 9th to 25th February and females dominated the skiing circuit bringing in two golds which of course is good news for the USA.

This year lesser known nations performed rather well in the Winter Olympics. Take Norway for instance. It had a team size of 109 members and in the games won 39 medals. USA could only get 23 medals. USA was indeed performing well in the beginning of the games and there was a lot of anticipation that it will win the event. However somewhere down the line the country could not live up to the pressure that it received from smaller nations.

USA could have performed better

USA was winning however in the middle of the event, it gradually got crushed by smaller nations that came from colder climates. Yes, USA did not succumb to the pressure and it did manage to climb from 6th place to the 4th spot however it could have performed better. The ranks this year are as follows- Norway in the first place, Germany in the second and Canada in the third.

Athletes like Mikaela Shiffrin and Nathan Chen in figure skating from the USA did come close to winning however they could have performed better given the experience and the training they had. The team members have been able to compete at higher levels and they have taken valuable lessons from this year’s event. They are all geared up to give an excellent performance in the next Winter Olympics that is scheduled to take place in 2022.

The experts here at Brennan and Clark say when they are not working they love to keep track of sporting events that take place across the world. It helps them to destress and relax. The experts here are sports lovers and they anticipate that the USA will do well in the next Winter Olympics that will take place after 4 years.

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