Both coin sides of the Whatsapp!


WhatsApp has become the most favorite app across the world and the numbers of the consumers are increasing day by day. If you are looking for a WhatsApp spy tool to investigate what is happening when you are not around, this spy app can be very much useful. Like WhatsApp you can also use

What is WhatsApp Spy App?

Whatsapp spy is a uniquely designed program that can be secretly installed on any of the targeted smart phones of your loved one, employee, kid or anyone whose chats and media you want to check without letting them know. Whatsapp spy then record their every conversation, audio, video and image files, WhatsApp calls and this application will send all the data directly to your on your computer’s control panel where you can check everything by just having an internet connection.

It is very easy and simple to use. You will just have to download an app to the targeted phone – that’s it. Thereafter you can remotely check from the web. You just need an internet connection on your PC.

Who needs WhatsApp Spy App?

WhatsApp spy can be help for everyone who wants to know that is happening behind them. Even though WhatsApp is a immense tool to keep in touch with your children, you are not aware what they are sharing and chatting with their friends in your absence, you are not even aware of the unknown friends whom they are chatting with. Unnecessary chats and sharing pictures can distract your child from school work and it is even a danger to your child’s safety. Parents are not the ones who are benefited by using a Whatsapp Spy App program. It can be very useful for the boss to watch over the employee. Especially if the company has the large number of staff members. If they are misusing the time or if they are leaking company’s confidential matter to another person or company, you can keep eyes on their every activity.

Key features of WhatsApp Spy:

There are various unique features of Whatsapp Spy, we have pointed out some key features as under

– No matter what platform you are using on your mobile phone like Android, iPhone, Orange or any other, WhatsApp spy app can be easily install in your mobile

– It is very much easy; you just need to download an app in targeted mobile phone and you can watch their every action on your computer. All the conversation and pictures/videos shared from that phone can be seen through your control panel

– Every conversation will be displayed with date and time so you can check them also when those chat tool place

– If you have doubt on any mobile number, you can track that too

This is the way how you can track easily all the conversation happened through WhatsApp from targeted mobile phone. In addition, this WhatsApp Spy App is very useful and you do not have to learn it before you start using it.

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