Best Welding Machines You Can Buy in 2021


There are several welding machines, some are expensive, but some are reasonably cheap. What to choose? Is it wort spending $2000 or more or a welding machine?

Many cheap welding machines work best similar to expensive devices. Welders require welding machines for cutting, heating and welding of the metal, so they only need to focus on those features.Here we are going to compare some cheap and expensive machines and see what they offer in their price range.

Not all of the cheap welding machines are the same. They have a variety of features and capabilities that make them different from each other and work differently. Here is our selection of the best, yet affordable welding machines:

Forney Easy Weld 298 – $320

It is one of the best cheap welding machines which work on the Arc technology. It also provides options to expand your skills towards TIG technology. It has a high amp output of 90amps, so it’s the best device for beginner’s arc welders.

It is a super portable machine that only weighs 14 pounds. It has the 1/8″ electrodes perfect for use in the automotive industry and many other big projects. So you can get many outputs in this reasonably priced welding machine.

CMT Pitbull welding machine – $100

One of the cheapest welding machines you can get. It’s around $100 on Amazon. For a hobbyist or a weekend mechanic, it offers more than enough. It is an arc welder that provides 100 amps. You can use it for your household outlets. It has the 110V AC welding capacity that makes it superior to many other welding machines.

You can deal with many big projects like repairing cars or bikes, but it is more suitable for emergency cases and small tasks. Beginner welds find it best for them as they want cheap apparatus to gain more experience and the practice.

It does not have any fancy features but will take care of the welder if they maintain its regular maintenance services.

Expensive welding machines

Expensive welding machines are best for the experienced welders. These machines offer a variety of functionality. Here are the features of some expensive welding machines.

Lincoln K69072-1 – $700

Well, there would be a welding machine comparison without Lincoln. This one is a 3 in 1 machine, so it’s capable of MIG(gas-shielded and gasless flux-cored welding), TIG and Arc welding. It is very light portable and easy to use. Welds just beautifully regardless of the method used, adjustments are pretty precise

A perfect little helper for your DIY projects.

Bohler Uranos 2000 SMC $2000

Well, here we go – welcome to the High-End of welding industry. $2000 for a portable welding machine sounds a bit steep. This is what you get for this price. A 3in 1 welding machine which has 14 built-in synergistic MIG / MAG programs (steel, stainless steel and aluminum). Ability to store up to 8 of your welding programs in the machine’s memory. Impressive!!! This can save you a lot of time and also – if you are not very experienced it can perfectly set up current for the type of work you want. This is worth every penny, but – $2000? All depends on the money you want to spend and how often do you want to use it.

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