Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner For Housekeeping


We all know that cleaning the house does not only involve cleaning the floors. In fact, there are more dust accumulating portions around the area that must be cleaned regularly in order to make sure that we could be free from all dust and dirt.

Vacuum cleaners have been one of the most helpful house cleaning equipment that every household should own to ensure cleanliness. And while most of us already have at least one upright or canister type, having a handheld vacuum cleaner for most hard to reach areas is a must.

What are handheld Vacuum Cleaners?

Handheld cleaners are indeed portable. Not only do they make the best vacuum for cleaning the stairs, it also makes cleaning other areas that a typical vacuum cleaner can do. Aside from that, since this type of cleaner can be moved and carried around, it may also be used to clean the car’s interiors, drawers, and small spaces plus you can bring it anywhere you think you might need it.

Most people choose a vacuum cleaner that can clean the staircase as well. It is one of the most important parts of the house that some other types might be limited to when it comes to cleaning them thoroughly. Given that handheld cleaners are lightweight, it would be easier to clean every step of the stairs.

Corded Handheld Cleaners

Corded vacuum cleaners are very common and are the first type of handheld that was introduced to the market. It usually has a long cord to be able to move around the house or even for other use that may be far from the outlet.

Also, most corded vacuum cleaners for stairs have more power compared to those that have none. This is mainly because it doesn’t operate on batteries and is directly plugged into the outlet. If you are looking for better suction, consider a corded vacuum cleaner for everyday use. You can check the best vacuum for cleaning at

Cordless Handheld Cleaners

Nevertheless, a cordless vacuum cleaner must not be put down to its level. A lot of people prefer using this type for its maximum portability and freedom to move around. Some cordless cleaners also have better suction power compared to others but of course, they might be slightly more expensive than that low-powered ones.

Cleaning Capacity

Handheld vacuum cleaners for stairs and for other users are naturally smaller than typical house cleaners that are heavy duty. This is why emptying the filters or bags must be done more often to make sure it functions well when used for cleaning operations.

On a brighter side, handhelds are easier to maintain as there is only a few parts that you have to clean. It also costs less to buy than most upright and canister type.

Why is it best for cleaning the stairs?

Most handheld vacuum cleaners for stairs have brush roll attachment that is specially made for stairways. This feature can also be switched on or off depending on the stair surface, carpeted or not. By rotating its visor, cleaning the stairs vertically comes in very easy to make sure everything is covered.

Most corded handheld cleaner would have at least 20 feet long while other may have longer cords, and as they say, the longer the better.

Some brands may offer bagless handheld vacuum cleaners too, if you are more interested in this feature, there are actually a lot to choose from in the market especially online. This gives you a filter and a canister to clean after every use instead as compared to those bagged models.

Other Advantages

Handheld vacuum cleaners for stairs will not limit you from cleaning that particular part only. Aside from your cars, you can also use it to keep your sofa and pillows free from dirt effectively. It is also best to use under most furniture that bigger vacuum cleaners may not be able to reach.

Inside the bedroom, we often forget to use vacuum cleaners on our mattresses and pillows as well. To avoid bed bugs, especially for our kids’ beds, regular cleaning is recommended. Drapes or curtains can be done too with handheld cleaners while your windowsill must never be forgotten too.

With all the features that you may be presented as you look for a particular handheld vacuum cleaner, it would always boil down to setting a budget that you are willing to spend. Also, you may have a particular brand in mind that you wanted to consider and that is just perfectly fine as you immediately can narrow down your choices. Choose the cleaner that can do more for you and not just pay more for the same features. And as much as possible, have a live demo before deciding to buy one.

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