Best Headphones for Running Review


When it comes to choosing the best sports headphone in the crowded market, there are some vital specs worth noting. The brand’s design, sound quality, built-in features and the prices play a major role when buying the best of running headphones. Strong battery life, reliable operation, durability, and compatibility are the other specifications that add value to any choice of sports headphones.

It’s undoubtedly clear that some of the manufacturers are outshining the rest in this sector of satisfying consumers’ needs. Powerbeats series of headphones is an epitome of quality production with some of the latest technological breakthroughs fully incorporated in the powerbeats3 wireless. When quality is made a priority, you’re assured of effective functioning even in the worst of conditions; this model can hold up to rain and sweat.

The latest Powerbeats3 Model

Beats slightly altered the design of this new model to fit the wide taste and preferences of its many consumers. Some tweaks have been made on the ear bud post; it has been lengthened a bit with the angle altered slightly so as to improve on the fit and allow for a tight seal.

Once you have your perfect pick that’s comfortable for your ear shape, you are good to go. From its predecessor- Powerbeats 2, this new model has been improvised and now stands as one of the best-sounding Bluetooth outdoor sports headphones you’re lucky to get in the market. The base quality, open sound, and beats clarity are of marvel. Beats focused more on getting that perfect fit and this is the only way to enjoy the unmatched sound output.

In its complete package, Powerbeats 3 comes with a protective casing and Talk inline remote; the latter has been specifically designed for quick responses with soft and slimmer buttons allowing for faster adjustment of the volume, skipping & shuffling tracks, receiving and ending calls.

Built-in features

On the inside, this latest model has been equipped with W1, the new Apple’s custom Bluetooth chip. The new Bluetooth enhancement chip has also been appreciated by other new wireless headphones of 2016 such as the Apple Airpods. W1 chip is compatible with both the Android and windows devices but works exceptionally well in a dead-simple interface with apple devices. The pairing is almost instant and Bluetooth connectivity works within a reasonable range.

W1 battery has been rated for up to 12 hours of continuous use at moderate volume levels; this is four hours better compared to the Powerbeats2 wireless. An inclusive feature called the Fast Fuel offers a fast and efficient 5 minutes recharge, for example; which gives an additional hour of playback. These two privileges are valid for both the Android and iOS users.

Power beats3 charges via a micro-USB as compared to the new beats’ BeatsX which uses lightning. The latter is set to be released at a price $50 less than its predecessor. The coming model is a competitor to the current Powerbeats3 in the making but will have to prove better otherwise. Beats cable are far much flexible and can be adjusted way easily using the ear hooks- this is one of the greatest appeals of Beats series of headphones.

An integrated cord shortener has also been incorporated in the unit. Being a class 1 Bluetooth device, pairing these headphones with a class 1 phone, makes out an extended range beyond the typical 10-meter of standard Bluetooth connectivity. Here, your headphones will work more like a headset.

Consumers’ reviews

Most buyers get what they really intend to from this model of a sports headphone while others expected more for a costly $200 sporting companion. They became disappointed on learning that they could get regular headphones (cheaply priced sets) to serve the need instead. This is basically about making the right choices before proceeding to make purchases. A fair rating of 3.5 from over 5,000 people is satisfactory considering the number of critics who would happily underrate a product before having even the slightest taste of it.

Some argue on the price while others complain about durability; which the company promises on making it even better. This upgrade from the previous model sincerely wins big for me considering the number of improvised features and advanced level of technological know-how. The prices might be a bit high, but quality has it all. From design, built-in features, sound output to flexibility; the Powerbeats 3 wireless is worth the investment.

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