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Benefits of Playing Golf

Go ahead and book tee times in Pensacola. You have many reasons to enjoy a round of golf. Keep some of the reasons below handy in case you need an excuse to give a boss or a spouse.

Golf Provides Low-Impact Exercise

Easier on the joints than aerobics, golf helps you reach your step goals for the day. Golf is also more interesting than walking laps around a track. A 2000 study in the American Journal of Medicine found that middle-aged golfers increased aerobic fitness and muscle strength. They also lost weight and improved cholesterol levels. For maximum exercise, consider walking the course instead of using a motorized golf cart. If you don’t want to carry your clubs, try a pull cart. Using pull carts burns approximately 290 calories per hour, while riding golf carts burns about 230 calories per hour.

Golf Gets You Spending Time Outdoors

Golf courses provide beautiful scenery complete with water hazards and trees in the rough. Spending time outside reduces stress, improves memory and lowers inflammation. Absorbing vitamin D from the sunshine lowers blood pressure and reduces depression. The time that it takes to play a round of golf varies depending on the number of holes you play, your skill, the pace of other players, and other factors. In general, you will spend four to five hours outside for an 18-hole round of golf.

Golf Helps You Meet New People

Many golf courses operate leagues for local players. The players are arranged in groups of four and get to know each other through rounds of golf. The league fee may include lunch at the snack bar and additional socializing time. Leagues may cater to specific demographic groups such as women or youth. Business professionals find that golf offers lucrative networking opportunities.

Golf Strengthens Problem-Solving Abilities

Each stroke in golf requires you to assess the wind strength and direction. You need to understand the impact of grass smoothness, height and grain on the speed that your ball has on the green. Each club has its own properties for loft and distance. You also must factor in your own capabilities; you should know your approximate range with each club in your bag. Each outing on the course brings a new set of variables that impact your play and challenge you.

Get exercise, spend time outdoors, meet new people, and become a problem-solving wizard. Enjoy a round of golf on a regular basis.

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