Benefits Of Joining As A Reserve In Army Force As Said By Capt. Martin Lloyd Sanders


Army is one institution, which has the ability to transform a lazy and a useless chap to a serious and a responsible citizen of the nation. US Army, in particular takes the military outfit very seriously, and contains one of the best aided weapons and artillery, over some of the most famous outfits. Here is the word from Capt. Martin Lloyd Sanders, an Officer of USPHS, who takes out time in explaining all the youngsters and seniors about why choose army and their entire working scenario for both reserve officers as well as those in the active rosters.

Advantages of Reserve Army as Experienced by Capt. Martin Lloyd Sanders

Joining Army officially declares an unofficial warrant of losing lives. This might look weird, but the matter remains very specific, as people are liable to lose lives more often than not. However, there are rightful compensation, for the challenging professions and some unsaid drawbacks. Here are them,

  • Education: A person joining army will be liable to study further and the government spares the entire education costs. Though the range and budget of education varies from officer to officer and the ranking hierarchy, rest assured a person will gain more education in his badge alongside honor and respect for serving the country.
  • Basic Pay: The basic pay is calculated for the person and this helps the reserve soldiers a chance to prove themselves and earn equally to that of the active roster list soldiers.Reserve soldiers, needs to report and serve at least one weekend for every month and 2 more weeks, during the training. The pay of these reserve soldiers is also liable to increase, with respect to the performance they show.
  • Medical Insurance: From the regular to a reserve soldier, one common area of benefit is the medical health benefits, which irrespective of the hierarchy, is given to the soldiers. Of course, the money is deducted from the salary and the soldiers can opt from full family coverage in different premium payout plans.
  • Retirement Benefits: An officer necessarily will be shuffled from one battalion to the other and those in reserve fields are easily entitled to get pay with respect to the accumulation of the Retirement points. For availing this, the officer needs to serve at least 20 years and the age where he/ she can start getting the pay is 60. This is popularly called as the qualifying year among the popular army officers.
  • Leave Stipulations: Reserve army officers are entitled to receive 30 paid holidays every year. This is apart from the ones, which might force the officers for health issues.

Capt. Martin Lloyd Sanders concludes the advantages of joining the army force as a reserve officer. It is nowhere considered as a backup or tier 2 professions. The respect and dignity of these soldiers will be as that of the persons in the regular battalion ranks. Thus, joining an army is a boon and a great matter of pride, irrespective of the posts and regularities.

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