Beat Obesity, Beat morbidity with Gastric Bypass


Lack of awareness or willingness to alter the lifestyle by healthy means hints the steady rise of obesity in society. Irrespective of age and gender, its effects are visible in both adults and children. In every corner of the world, obesity is increasing and surprising the people as well. This is definitely neither good for individuals who are obese nor good for the healthy growth of the society as well. Obesity has negative influence on life, as it demands much energy and easily brings fatigue, tensions, and breakdowns. Physical as well as mental effects of obesity are harmful and disastrous.

Reducing chances of having obesity, or lessening the already stored excess fat is important. Apart from daily workouts and religious consumption of diet food there are other means to lose weight. The bariatric surgery is one such solution for weight loss. Out of its various procedures, gastric bypass is one such treatment where division of stomach into a smaller upper pouch and a bigger residual part takes place. What follows this is connecting of small intestine to both these pouches.

How does this procedure help in reducing weight?

Similar to other bariatric procedures, after this treatment the stomach pouch reduces in volume. Hence, it is able to consume limited quantity of food, which results in limited intake of calories. This keeps the fat content in body under check, as the weight loss is the long-term one. In addition, the changes in the route of food stream bring changes in the gut hormones. This helps as it regulates hunger, reverses the mechanism involved in inducing type 2 diabetes.

Eligibility to apply for this surgery:

  • When the body mass index (BMI) is 40 or more than surgery is the most urgent step. Do not delay when life is short. Moreover, if the BMI is 35 or above, teamed up with comorbidities then surgery helps in all such problems.
  • Consult a specialist and know his entire team. Get advice from them, as to whether the surgery will be beneficial at all or will it outweigh the risks. They also suggest the type of procedure out of bariatric surgery that would suit every condition of the patient.
  • The person ready for operation should not be below eighteen. However, such surgeries in children have become common these days. Millions of children are a victim of obesity. However, its risks are higher in kids.

For many years now, gastric bypass is continuingly helpful in treating thousands of people every year. The use of this treatment is increasing as the obesity among people is expanding. In the recent years, several research work done is to further improve the techniques, to facilitate weight loss and reduce morbidity and mortality. Post the surgery, the patient has to obey the doctor’s instructions, follow the guidelines for better, and risk free results. Improving the quality of life is very important and when you have spent money on surgeries and medications, it is best to follow the provided routine.

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