Baroque Pearls and Their Value as Heirloom Collection


Baroque pearls are the irregular and non-spherical pearls. Their imperfection can range from minor aberrations to shapes like ovoid, curved or purely lumpy. This gives them the ethereal beauty to stoke the imagination of a jewellery designer.

  • Types of Baroque pearls

Even though Baroque are misshapen pearls, they can be broadly classified into subtypes.

  1. Coins

They are flat and round in shape and a superior lustre well-suited for double pearl earrings and necklaces.

  1. Baroque

This is a subtype of asymmetrical elongated pearls.

  1. Twin pearls

It takes two pearls fused together to form this and is very elegant in stud earrings.

  1. Potato Pearls

They are the smallest pearls which are square, round or lumpy and used in necklaces and bracelets.

  1. Cross pearls

It has two pearls fused to form a rough cross. It is used in religious artefacts.

  1. Stick Pearls

They are elongated, flat and narrow and are used for statement jewelry.

  1. Rice Pearls

They resemble rice grains and are drilled centrally to be used in necklaces and bracelets.

  1. Egg pearls

They have a wide bottom and a narrow top resembling an egg and used in earrings.

  1. Heart Pearls

These heart shaped pearls are used in romantic pendants.

  1. Tear-drop pearls

They are much sought-after of all Baroque pearls because of their shape.

  1. Leaf Pearls

They are the thinnest of the lot with a bumpy surface used in bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

  1. Keshi Pearls

They are the rarest of all the Baroque types. They are elongated and has a brilliant lustre and used in luxury jewelry.

  • Value factors for Baroque pearls
  1. Type

Akoya Baroque pearls are the most popular compared to freshwater pearls.

  1. Shape

Akoya Baroque, Keshi pearls and cross pears fetch high prices in the market.

  1. Size

Value of the pearl increases with its size.

  1. Colour

Pink, dark and Salmon-colored pearls are rare and more valuable than white pearls.

  1. Lustre

Coin pearls and Keshi pearls have more demand due to their brilliant lustre.


With the right combination of beautiful design and quality pearls, an heirloom is created. It is an example of how imperfection can be turned into timeless and priceless treasures.

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