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Air Conditioning System: Choose The Right One For You

It gets completely unbearable in summer without an air conditioner. And you cannot keep on shivering though winters. So what is the solution? Of course getting an air conditioner for you! But the big question remains- what should you choose? Split one or the ducted one?

This brings the part where you need to know what is best for your home. In order to know more, talk to the best air conditioning dealer, Lakeside Air. It is a leading air conditioner system dealer of Daikin and provides repair and maintenance for other renowned brands as well.

Here are the three basic types of air conditioning system to choose.

Split System

In this type of system individual rooms of your house can be heated and cooled and is ideal for compact places. So when you requirement is for a single room and for smaller spaces in general, these types of system are always preferable. In this system, the compressor is installed from outwards from and the air passes through the unit into the house that could be either wall mounted or you can opt for the floor-standing unit as well. The major benefit of  choosing split AC is that it is quite affordable than other types of system. This also requires less energy as you are buying just one unit. Moreover, you can select the room as per your need to install the system.

Multi-split System

This system can heat or cool down up to five rooms of your house or commercial building. And you can also control the room temperature individually. This is a great way to control the room temperature as per your preference. You may like icy cold and another person of your house may like mild temperature. This individual control over the temperature is the main reason that many prefer the multi-split system. These are economical, very easy to use and allow maximum comfort. You also do not have to worry about huge running costs. You can customise your temperature needs. And you also get to choose from five different kinds of unit facilities for your rooms.

Ducted System

These types of systems are ideal for mostly cooling or heating your entire house. In order to create the comfortable temperature inside all over your house, get ducted air conditioning system installed. This requires professional service providers to install the system in the proper way as it involves positioning outdoor as well as indoor units. These units are then concealed under your floor or maybe in your ceiling. Be it your new or existing home or an office you can install a ducted system. When you have an absolute requirement for such a system you need to talk to the expert ducted air conditioning system installer.

So if you are planning to get a new air conditioner installation, maintenance or any other technical assistance for your residential, commercial or industrial properties, consult Lakeside Air. Not just your air conditioning system, they can even evaluate the electrical system to identify any problem area of your building and suggest the best type of system to be installed.

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