Advantages And Disadvantages Of New And Used Cars


Buying a car is relatively easy because you can choose a wide variety of it that is always available in the market, however, choosing the best one could be quite a painstaking task to undertake especially if you are on the middle of the decision whether or not buy a new car or choosing a used one.

If you are in this situation, well, congratulations because you are not one of those people who just buy a car randomly without even taking some considerations. In this article, let me share some important matters about buying a car. Just like other things that we laid eyes on, it has also its advantages and downsides so please take time to read the advantages and disadvantages in buying a car that New & Used car dealer don’t want to tell you.

New Car

Advantages- Of course, one of the best things when buying a new car is that it’s completely fresh, all of its nooks and crannies, and every single aspect of it is newly made which means it is still undamaged while it also has a warranty. Brand new cars also boast the latest technology and innovation which means it provides you more convenience and safety and also the ability to economize gas and mileage with lower emissions. Brand new cars also have its own hybrid variants which effectively low cost in maintenance and gas.

Disadvantages- Probably the biggest disadvantage of purchasing a brand new car is that it is quite expensive for many brands out there. And a lot of car brands and manufacturers introduce a new model every two to three years which creates a depreciative state to your current car in time because the brand new model comes with new design, new features and new innovations which makes your current car a bit obsolete when comparing them and sadly a lot of people dispose their current cars even in good running condition to buy a new one and join the trend which doesn’t make sense after all. This will result in a loss of your financial status from an unnecessary investment.

Used Car

Advantages- For used cars, the best advantage I can tell you is that you can actually acquire a car that is relatively new that is disposed by its previous owner just for the sake of buying the latest model which means that the used car you’re planning to buy is still new and is not overly used after all. Second-hand cars can be sold at the same amount that you paid for it for the years to come which means there’s no depreciation in its price tag.

Disadvantages- When it comes to reliability, used cars need to be monitored regularly because it’s already used and it already spent its mileage from its previous owners which means that it needs more repairs compared to brand new ones. Used cars’ engines are reconditioned which means it is prone to mechanical problems even though it is a certified by its dealers to be in good running condition.

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