Accessories that can make you stand out


Picture this: you’re getting ready for a fun night out with your friends or significant other and you’ve found the perfect outfit. That is, the perfect outfit that’s missing something to make it a complete look. That’s where accessories come in. Sometimes, adding stunning jewelry, a chic belt, or pretty purse can take your outfit from good to gorgeous! But with so many different types of accessory options out there, it can be difficult to find out that perfectly matches your outfit and personality. And if you’re someone who likes to have all eyes on you, it can be even more difficult. Don’t fear though, because here are some classic, trendy, and eye-catching accessories that will ensure that you are the star of the night.

  1. Wallets or Clutches

A wallet or clutch can be a fun replacement for a purse, and is actually much more versatile for a night out. Purses can get heavy and clunky when you’re trying to dance or are in a crowded space. Some wallets or clutches even come with wristlets that you can slip on to make sure you’re hanging on to it tightly all night long. A sleek, wallet is subtle, but classy at the same time. You also have plenty of options when it comes to wallets; as they are usually cheaper than purses it can be easy to invest in a couple of them and rotate through depending on your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a little black dress, a bright colored wallet or clutch adds a beautiful pop of color. Conversely, if you’re wearing a loud outfit with vivid colors and patterns, women’s leather feature wallets might be just what you’re looking for.

  1. Purses

Although wallets can be convenient depending on the event, a purse is a crucial investment for a woman carrying a lot of things with her, and the right purse can add the perfect amount of “wow” factor to any outfit. There are so many options for purses that it simply depends on your style. For example, if you’re a subtler kind of purses, a classic, black leather purse might just be the right choice for you. There are many more neutral colors to choose from, though, depending on your outfit. You could also go with white, beige, or gray. These colors match most outfits, so picking out a purse in a neutral could get you the most bang for your buck.

However, if you’re looking for something that really stands out, there are also plenty of purses that will ensure all eyes are on you. Whether you want a bright colored bag, one with intricate, scalloped details, or bold metallic features, there are tons of options that will certainly make a statement.

  1. Belts

There’s nothing like a classic belt to tie an outfit together. Adding a belt can ensure comfort when wearing jeans, but beautiful metallic details can also make a simple belt a great conversation piece. Belts are super versatile too; one day, you can wear a belt as you normally would with jeans, and the next you can wear it with a dress to cinch your waist and achieve the perfect hourglass figure. A genuine leather belt also screams luxury, and in subtle-but -elegant neutrals such as black and brown, choosing a belt as an accessory will make you both the most comfortable and stylish person in the room.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is the most obvious accessory, but can be one of the most difficult to style. How much is too much? What color schemes go great together? Overall, you should dress in a way that reflects your personal style, and jewelry is a great example of that. If you have a flashier personality, express it through your jewelry and go bold! Bright colors and big, chunky designs will make sure that you’re the center of attention. You can’t forget about the sparkle factor, too. Glitzy gemstones are another way that you can stand out in a crowd. Unique styles of jewelry are another fantastic option, because you will ensure that no one else at your party will accessorize like you. Consider rope style earrings, metallic rings, or cool leather bracelets… the possibilities are endless!

  1. Scarves

Scarves are particularly effective on cold days because they are both stylish and functional, keeping you warm while making you look good. A gauzy, bright colored scarf can add the perfect pop of fun to an otherwise neutral outfit and create an extra level of sophistication when you tie it just right. You can dress scarves up or down, making them a good choice for both a day at the office and date night. Smooth, silk scarves feel beautiful and rich, too, so you will get to enjoy the luxury of a pretty scarf all day long.

If you’re looking for style that turns heads, these accessories are sure to up your outfits and elicit gasps of envy and delight. Whatever your perfect style preference is, you have so many customizable options that will have you feeling fabulous and confident. Accessorize up!

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