A Guide to Female Hair Loss Solutions


If you have noticed an unusually large amount of hair in the shower, or on your pillow in the morning, you might be suffering from a condition that affects millions of women and men across the world, which is called hair loss. This condition can be caused by a number of things, with alopecia being the most common cause, and it is hereditary and if a person’s family has a history of hair loss, the chances are, it will affect them at some point in their life.

Identify the Cause

If a woman suffers from hair loss, she needs to find the underlying cause, and there are specialist clinics across the UK that are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. Alopecia usually attacks the top of the sides of the scalp, and would typically manifest itself in small patches, which would gradually become thinner. What happens is the new hair follicles that are naturally grown to replace shed hair, are smaller and thinner than their predecessors, and this miniaturisation continues until the new hair follicle no longer grows, leaving the area bald. This is a permanent condition and there are no medical cures as of yet, but by using human hair extensions, it is possible to completely conceal any thinning areas.

Temporary Hair Loss

A woman could suffer temporary hair loss for a number of reasons, pregnancy affects a woman’s hormone levels, and sometimes this results in temporary hair loss. The ideal treatment is to weave hair extensions into a fine mesh that is attached to the surrounding hair, and with careful matching, no one would be the wiser. If you are looking for treatment for women’s hair loss in London, there are online hair restoration clinics that can provide the perfect treatment and restore the person’s self-confidence.

Hormone Imbalance

This can easily cause hair loss, and if the thyroid gland is over active, this usually results in patches of hair falling out, but once the imbalance is addressed, the hair loss usually disappears. Weaving hair extensions into the thin area will not inhibit natural hair growth, and when the hair has returned to normal, the extensions can be removed.


This revolutionary hair extension treatment is non-invasive and with a professional application, the extensions will remain in place for up to 3 months. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, it doesn’t need to be a problem, and by talking to the experts, you will soon be aware of the range of modern treatments available.

Initial Consultation

If you conducted an online search, this will give you the location of the nearest hair restoration clinic, and you can make an initial appointment via their website. Once the experts have examined you, they can offer the best treatment, and with affordable prices, it won’t break the bank to restore your self-confidence.

Modern treatments mean hair loss is no longer the problem it once was, and with online hair restoration clinics, making an appointment couldn’t be easier.

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