A Guide to Buying a Used Car


Running a car is never going to be cheap, and for many UK motorists, buying a new vehicle and using it for many years is the preferred solution, yet this works out very costly, with at least 10% depreciation from day one. The best way to go about buying a car is to choose one that is about 2-3 years old that is in very good condition, and with regular maintenance and careful driving, you can sell the vehicle after a couple of years for a very good price. If you are careful about the used car you buy, and change it every couple of years, you can enjoy relatively inexpensive motoring.

Warranty Used Vehicles

There are great value used cars in Exeter, from a reputable dealer who would issue you with a fair warranty. The ideal age for a used car is 2-3 years, as it is still in very good condition, and with regular servicing, you can sell the car after 1-2 years for not a lot less than you paid for it. Use that money to invest in another 2-3 year old car, and resell it after 1-2 years, and this ensures that you always have a good car, while not losing too much on the resale.

Benefits of Buying from a Dealer

If you purchase a used car from a reputable dealer, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Receive a Fair Warranty.
  2. Get a generous deal by part exchanging your old vehicle.
  3. The garage will always buy the car back from you.

    If you are careful with your purchases and resell the vehicle after 1-2 years, you can enjoy relatively cheap motoring, and in some cases, you might even make a profit.

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