A Brief Overview Of How Comics Have Inspired Female Representation Over Time


Comic books have always been considered as the ideal entertainment alternative for the diverse demographic. Though being a source of entertainment, the comic books not only always functioned as a source of amusement and pleasure; but also have served as a perfect reflection of the contemporary culture. While reflecting the culture and depicting the characters in contextual extremes and in visual forms, comics to some extent have motivated the portrayal of women in the society as well. Keep on reading to know exactly how comics have inspired the female representation over time.

Comic Books during the Earlier Times

Originally, in the earlier days of comic books, women used have a very small or negligible amount of role. When the comic world was being dominated by the various super powerful male characters; women had no place on the centre stage and their comic book presence was limited to only as a caregiver or nurturer of the male superheroes. In the majority of the scenarios, women were depicted as feeble and dependent characters. If in any case, they received some attention; then also that was only as a damsel in distress.Every women character, back in the earlier times, was either portrayed as a victim of a harsh situation or a villain, who needed to be rescued by a male. They were depicted as more like a prize or an object that can be won either by the hero or the villain.

Gradually the Changes Begin To Appear

With both the time and culture progressing ahead, the role of women in the comic books begins to later dramatically. More and more authors began to empower the women characters with various super powers. And this sudden change gripped the attention of both the men and women in the society. However, despite this innovative portrayal of women with power, came some demeaning features as well, such as objectifying the women as an object of sex and subjecting them to sexual exploitation. Even though women were rendered with power, a racist and sexist undertone stayed along with them.

Portrayal of Women in Comics of Recent Times

If you consider the women characters in the comic books of more recent times, you’ll be surprised to see the how much the female character portrayal has evolved. Women characters have finally got rid of all the restraints and limitations that were once applied to them. Gone are the days when women in the comic books were used to be nothing more than almost ‘invisible’. Though there is still some form of objectification applied on the women characters, but at the end, the portrayal of women characters turns out to be invincible and victorious in modern times.

Comic books do possess a subtle power and ability to form and reflect positive changes in the society. As more and more writers are sketching female characters as an epitome of strength, success, independence and liberated soul, the women in the comic books are becoming more closely related to the real-life women; and this is exactly how comics have inspired the female representation.

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