7 Ways to Develop Coordination and Balance in Kids


As children grow up, so will their sense of coordination and balance. Whereas they might

stumble and fall as a toddler trying to walk, walking or running will not be an issue a few years later.

However, there are ways to help your children improve their balance and coordination, allowing them to participate in a broader range of sports activities.

Here are some ways that you can develop your kids’ coordination and balance.

Use a Balance Board

Your children can stand on a balance board and try to keep themselves steady by distributing their weight evenly across the board.

Most balance boards are made of a curved piece of board, on which your kids will step on the two ends of the board to balance themselves.

Some variation may involve just a piece of plank and a ball or an empty tin underneath as well. You can challenge your kids to stay on the board for a few seconds without wobbling or falling off. It is a simple game that can keep kids entertained for quite a while too.

Play Hopscotch

A well-known but straightforward game from our parents’ generation to our younger ones, hopscotch will require your kids to hop from box to box on one leg.

They will also need to switch their movements quickly, which would increase their body coordination and agility as well.

This game works great if you have several kids playing together. You can also increase the game’s pace or pair the game with some music to make it more challenging for your kids.

Invest in a Pair of Roller Skates

The concept of balancing on roller skates is quite like balancing on a bicycle for most of us. However, that does not diminish how much fun roller skates are for your kids.

It has a learning curve, but once they learn to roller skate, they can whizz around anywhere on their wheels.

Your children are bound to feel accomplished once they learn how to go around in their roller skates.

Build Some Strength

Improving muscle strength also strengthens bones and improves balancing skills. You can

let your children do yoga with you or encourage them to go on the monkey bars to help them build strength.

As they grow older, there will be other ways for them to do so, such as going to the gym. In the meantime, focus on the fun, age-appropriate ways to let your children grow stronger.

Focus on Fine Motor Skills

You can also improve your kids’ hand-eye coordination and overall body coordination by exercising their fine motor skills.

Some examples of these exercises would include writing, colouring within the lines, or playing the piano with different fingers.

Your kids will improve their coordination as they practice, so do not be alarmed if they cannot seem to keep their colours within the lines or are slow to press a piano key with a finger.

Dance Together

What better way to improve your children’s balancing skills and body coordination at the same time than by practising some dance moves?

Many children’s songs include their catchy dance moves now, and you can dance along with the music to encourage your kids to dance with you.

Incorporate both slow and fast songs into your dancing activity to increase the movement range and variety for your children.

If you make the activity fun rather than chore-like for your child, they will be improving their moves before you know it.

Address Concerns with Your Pediatrician

If you think that your child is not dealing with coordination or balancing as they should for their age, consult a doctor.

Do not leave any possible health or medical issues unattended for too long if you are starting to have your suspicions.

Your pediatrician should diagnose any potential issues, and if necessary, recommend further diagnosis and therapy.

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