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7 Signs That Show You Were Wrongfully Terminated from Your Job

If you have been recently terminated from your job, there are probably tons of emotions going through your head at this point. You might be stressed about where you’re going to find your next paycheck and keep your standard of living up. Or you might be sad because you really enjoyed going to work every day. However, if you have another emotion inside of you – anger and misunderstanding – then there might be a reason for that. There are chances that you were wrongfully terminated from your job. Keep reading down below to learn more about the top signs that could point to that.

  1. Did Your Employer Violate Any Promises That He or She Made to You?

There are certain promises that your employer makes to you, whether they are written or unwritten. You enter into a contract (again, written or unwritten) that states that you are going to do some sort of work for the company in exchange for money. If there is a written amount of time in your contract that you are supposed to work for and your employer fires you within that time period, then you have a strong case for wrongful termination. Your employer went directly against your contract and what had been promised.

  1. Were You Discriminated Against Because Of Your Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Or Any Other Reason?

Of course, one of the most crucial grounds for wrongful termination comes in the form of discrimination. If you believe that you have been discriminated against and terminated because of the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, or your religion, then you have strong grounds to work with wrongful termination lawyers on this case. Most of the times, when you have been discriminated against, you will have some kind of evidence (whether this be physical evidence or witness testimonies) to back up your case.

  1. Was There Some Sort of Breach of Good Faith?

If you believe that your employer has fired you because he or she doesn’t want to pay your high sales commission, for example, then this would be a breach of good faith. If you have faith in your employer that he or she would only fire you for a reasonable cause, but you believe there is a more mischievous reason, then that constitutes a breach of good faith.

  1. Did your employer go against public policy by firing you?

If your employer has fired you because you took time off to fulfill some sort of public policy, then that is not acceptable. You cannot be fired because you took time off of work to go vote, to go to jury duty, to serve in the military, or to take care of your newborn baby. Any time off that is constituted in federal law protects you from getting fired by your employer – no matter what.

  1. Did your employer retaliate against you in any way?

If your employer just retaliated against you for speaking out about something in the workplace, then that is not protected. If you were to speak out against some sort of health violation in the workplace or file a harassment complain, your employer cannot show you to the door because of that. You are protected by various federal guidelines in those cases.

  1. Was There Fraud Involved in The Business You Were Working For?

You might have been tricked by your employer into quitting or being fired. If that’s the case, then you have to provide great documentation in order to prove that fraud happened. However, this type of fraud has no place in the business world, so make sure to fight against this if you believe that’s what happened.

  1. Were You Defamed?

If you find yourself under defamation by your employer during and after the firing process, then you could potentially win a defamation lawsuit against them. That’s because if your employer defames you while being fired, that hurts your chances of getting another job. Defamation is nothing to joke about, so make sure to pursue that kind of suit if you believe that’s what happened to you.

There you have it! When you want to fight against your wrongful termination, these are the top signs you have to look out for.

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