7 Must Know Tools for Java Developers


One of the best things about being a Java developer is the fact that you have such an incredible amount of tools available at your disposal. You have an entire world of information available through the open source Java community. If you have any kind of question about Java or need some extra tools to help you develop, then you have them right there in front of you. You are just a simple Google search away.

However, there are some tools out there for Java developers that are better than others. Keep reading down below to learn more about these tools that you should definitely get into your arsenal if you want to be a great Java developer.

  1. Eclipse

It’s been shown that this first item on this list is used by over half of all Java developers as their preferred tool of choice. There are tons of tools that are trying to fight for the spotlight of this title, but Eclipse still beats them to the punch if you ask any Java developer today. The great thing about Eclipse is that there is so much customization. If you are a Java developer, you know that you probably develop in a much different way than your other developer friends. Eclipse gives you that option of customizing to your heart’s extent.

  1. Javadoc

Next up, we have a documentation generator that’s been created and provided by Oracle. With this tool, you can transform comments into HTML documents super easily. These comments are super easy to create with only an opening, closing, and descriptive tag. The great thing about Javadoc is that you can use hyperlinks while operating the documentation generator. This means that you can link to other areas of code that you might need to reference back to later.

  1. Cobertura

This next item on the list is a tool that looks at Java code and checks it for test coverage. This is one of the best tools you can have at your disposal if you want to accurately test and analyze the code you are developing. It will develop reports for you based on the code that didn’t pass the test. If you are a Java developer and want to develop great code, then you won’t be able to do it without Cobertura on your side.

  1. VisualVM

This is one of the best tools that you need in order to monitor and check in on the performance of your various Java applications with https://www.issart.com/en/lp/java-development-team. You will be able to get all of the information about your application, what could be going wrong, and what you need to fix. If there are any performance issues to speak of, VisualVM will show you what you need to know in real time.

  1. Groovy

The great thing about Groovy is the fact that it’s going to simplify and expand your Java language by adding new keywords. Groovy gets its strength from scripting. It’s super easy to use and add into your Java toolkit, so be sure to check it out!

  1. IntelliJ IDEA

This next item on the list is one that’s most similar to the first item on the list, Eclipse. It’s one of those multi-purpose tools that’s coming on the heels of Eclipse as one of the best tools for Java developers. You will have great analysis features in the tool and will have a super easy interface to use.

  1. JUnit

And lastly, we have JUnit, which has got to be in your toolkit. This is an open source framework where you can test out your code. This is a must for any developer that wants to develop high-quality code.

There you have it! If you are going to be a Java developer, you have got to have the right tools on your side. The above 7 tools are going to help you create great applications across various devices.

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