7 Aromatic Flowers to Ornament Your Garden During Monsoon


There is something about the cat and dog weather, the rain drops, the drizzle, the breeze and the liquid sunshine which fill our life full of colors. How? During Monsoon, there are a number of aromatic flowers that bloom and spread its aromatic fragrance everywhere. So, this monsoon decorate your garden with the most beautiful seasonal flowers and add a vibrant touch to your days. Here are some of the flower plants which blossom by the monsoon pour. Have a look:


This pink, blue or white in color flower is the most beautiful and exotic flower to adorn your garden in rainy season. Sacred and enchanting, Lotus is widely cultivated for its unique fragrance and its charm. So, add a glorious charm and divine touch to your garden by growing Lotus in an artificial pond on monsoon.


These flowers are beautiful and easy to grow in a garden. Especially, during monsoon, a Hibiscus blooms brightly and illuminate our surroundings. Ranging from red to yellow, this flower is available in different colors to decorate your garden with vibrant colors and aromatic scent.

Cape Jasmine

Cape Jasmine is the most aromatic flower to decorate your garden during monsoon. White in color, its appealing beauty and fragrance symbolize purity. Cape Jasmine is also known as ‘Gandharaja’ in India because of its pleasant and sweet smell which can delight our mod anytime.

Indigo Flowers

Mostly found in Navy blue color with attractive stems and star-shaped flowers, Indigo flowers bloom the most during monsoon. These flowers can be also found in violet, white or off-white color. So, how about adding this pretty flower to your garden during monsoon?

Monsoon Cassia

As the name suggests, this flowering plant is meant for the monsoon season. This is indeed one of the beautiful trees to plant during monsoon. This tree bears yellow flowers which make a garden look more magnificent.

Water Lily

Water Lily is another flower that you can choose to decorate your garden with during the rainy season. These flowers are aquatic in nature like those of Lotus. Available in a variety of colors, Water Lilies are truly enchanting to enhance a garden during monsoon.


Gulmohar is one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers that bloom during the monsoon season. These flowers can be easily cited at parks and look pleasant in house gardens. These flowers soothe mind and delight mood by its striking color and splendid appearance.

These were some of the monsoon flowers to add wonders to your monsoon garden. These vibrant and sweet flowers are sure to attract butterflies by its scent and make your garden look marvelous. You can also shop one of these flowers from online florist shops and send it to your dear ones during monsoon. How? Suppose you want to send a bouquet of Jasmines to your close friend in Pune, then you can send through the best online florist in Pune and add charm to your relationship with your close friend.

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