6 Ways You Can Save Money on Air Conditioning


Life without air conditioning has become quite unimaginable due to the soaring temperatures worldwide. The downside to this soothing comfort is the high electricity bills that it churns out as air conditioners basically consume more electricity for their working. Turns out that there are some ways to ensure better efficiency by bringingchanges in the surroundings as well as the settings. Let us have a look at these tips which can lead to the reduction of the electricity bill due to the air conditioners, and also ensure the longevity of your machine.

  1. Increase temperature when needed

Even a tiny change in the temperature settings of the conditioner can lead to great savings. The best way to ensure this is to increase the temperature at night and when not at home. By doing this, the air conditioner runs at a higher temperature when the surrounding location is a little cooler. This can lead to about five percent to ten percent savings in the energy being consumed by the air conditioners.

  1. Cover up windows appropriately

Most of the heat in a room comes through the windows which let sunlight blare into it. Covering windows with blinds during the hottest time of the day is the easiest solution to avoid heat absorption in a room. Other solutions include putting up window films which reflect light and thus reduce the amount being allowed into a room. Solar screens are yet another viable option to keep the heat out. These methods can ensure that the room does not heat up, by preventing heat from getting in and the coolness from getting out too.

  1. Replace older models

Keeping up with innovation is the only way to ensure our contribution towards saving energy. Repairing a really old air conditioner and forcing it to run until it completely breaks down in not such a good practice. Switch to newer energy saving air conditioners to see the result in your electricity bill. Further, proper maintenance of critical parts by Air Conditioning Repair is very important for good functioning of the machine. Cleaning the filters regularly and removing the dust stuck in it is thesimplest way to make sure that there is a better passage for air to flow.

  1. Fans as the alternative

Not every location requires an air conditioner to cool the immediate surroundings. Fans can perform the same function by using just a tenth of the energy consumed by air conditioners. By ensuring that the windows right next to the fan are kept closed, while the ones farther away are opened, we can allow good air flow throughout the passageway. Increasing fans in a house, and using air conditioners only when highly necessary can easily unburden the huge amount being spent on the functioning as well as the maintenance of air conditioners. Smart fans are also great options to try for better functionality and ease of usage.

  1. Cover up unnecessary openings

A prime reason for the reduced cooling of the room even when the air conditioner appears to function perfectly, is the leakage of this cool air into the surroundings. This can build up to a lot of energy wastage in the long run. Doing a small check around the house can lead to those exact locations through which the air seeps out of the room. The main locations would be window sills or cracks in the door frame. Adding insulation can easily solve this problem and keep the cool air within the room and cool it up faster.

  1. Proper thermostat usage

Investing in a good thermostat is another key for increased efficiency of the air conditioners. Opting for a smart thermostat can ease the user interface and also allow it to make the required decisions based on the number of people as well as the ambient temperature. Further, placing the thermostat in a room should be done with care. If placed near a window, it would register a higher increase in temperature than the actual increase. This would again lead to unnecessary reduction it the temperature of the air conditioner. So, placing it at the right location is a guarantee for increased efficiency.

 By following these methods, one can always see a reduction in the electricity consumption. Further, we can also play our part as responsible dwellers to reduce our participation in unnecessary energy consumption.

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