6 Search Engine Marketing Tips for Beginners


I know it is a very competitive world when it comes to the online domain. Every website tries to get one above the other when it comes to Google search. And in order to be seen, your website needs to come on top of every related Google search. Now that is one herculean task! Believe me if you follow a random approach without proper guidance you can get a penalty from Google which will immediately remove your website from its rankings. And that would be really bad!

But if you take a much easier path of following some Google regulated practices, you will find SEO to be less of voodoo magic and more of slight algorithm manipulations! To be a master at SEO you need to know about all its rules so that you are better informed when implementing SEO on your website.

The fact is, this simple article will not be able to solve all your SEO worries but it will act as a springboard to a much more optimized version of your website. So let’s go over some of the basic tips that will help you in the long run!

  1. Page titles and Description

Page titles are one of the most important aspects to SEO for your website. There are some basic pointers that one should keep in mind while framing them. Like each page should have a unique title that describes your web page content aptly. The title should be kept small and descriptive. It is very important that a neutral reader should be able to understand about the content just with a glance at the title!

Description meta tags are also important. They give an understanding of what the page is about to the visitors and search engines!

  1. Internal links

By internal linking I am referring to providing links to the user which directs that person to other pages in the same website. This helps in increasing web traffic and for easy referrals.

A lot of website owners make mistakes when it comes to using this feature of SEO. There are some simple tips that one should remember like, making sure that the links are relevant to your content is best way to start.
At the end of the day one needs to realize that the website is for humans and not for search engines, so it is advised to not put in a lot of links and get the user confused in what is going on. Also, it is a good practice to not use terms like, click here, click now, click to see etc. for your internal linking.

  1. Breadcrumbs

If you remember the story of Hansel and Gretel, you will get the reference immediately. For others, this term basically refers to a set of links that guide you back to the initial page one started from. A lot of websites use it and you can find this train of links on top of every webpage.

It is quite easy to make these breadcrumbs using some of the available plugins.
This feature makes your website more user-friendly which reflects on your website rankings and search marketing.

  1. Page speed

Page speed is very critical for a good SEO score, especially if your website loads in under 4 seconds that reflects a much better ranking. There are many websites that give a deep analysis of what can be done better.

You can take care of some of this speed issues through some simple steps. First, remove any unnecessary plug-ins that might be latched on to your website. Second, try optimizing your image size. Third, opt for caching services or plug-ins for your website optimization.

  1. The 404 page

The error 404 page is one of the most boring pages regardless of which website you take a look. And often they don’t really help in any way; in fact, they just make it seem very complicated!

But since we are working towards becoming an SEO expert, we are going to change that tradition. A good website that has a user first policy will always have a nice looking 404 page. This helps the user a lot, which helps the website in its Google search rankings. SO even though the whole world might do it the other way, be the better person and help your users by customizing your error 404 page!

  1. Content is king

Nothing can ever really replace good content! People can change the trends on what kind of content they want, but content is the key stone for a good SEO. Unless the website has good quality content with regular updating of the content, the users tend to stop coming to the website. That is exactly the opposite of what we want in the first place.

So, if you really want the website to be widely used, then there needs to be the content to support it!

SEO is a great skill to have either for personal use or in the corporate scenario. But it is always a great idea to check for reputed sources, otherwise you can get penalized for any wrong steps that you might follow unintentionally!

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