6 places to visit in the city of Chennai


Marina beach

Hands down, the most famous landmark of this city. Visited by thousands of people in a day, and all through the day. This is the second longest beach in the world, with white sand shore. Enjoy the cool evening breeze as you walk along the beach while the sun sets. Binge on some hot and crispy sundal and murukku to complement your visit. If you are in no mood to walk, just ride along the shore on two wheels and feel the breeze blow through your hair. Rent a two wheeler in Chennai from the likes of Wheelstreet.com and take that joy ride already.

Vivekananda house

Built in the year 1877, this is a simple two storeyed house where the celebrated Swamy Vivekananda stayed for almost 5 years in the 1900s. This structure is a masterpiece reflecting Victorian architecture. It is now regarded as a shrine where lakhs of followers of Sri Vivekananda visit. The bedroom he used during his stay here, has now been converted in to a meditation centre, where people flock in large numbers in the quest of inner peace. Apart from this, all the materialistic possessions of Swamy Vivekananda are on display here, creating a magical aura around the place.

Ashtalakshmi temple

Situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, in the Besant Nagar area of Chennai, the Ashtalakshmi temple is dedicated to the 8 avatars of the goddess of wealth. You can see four different levels of architecture, where different deities are installed. One can find some larger than life sized statues of Indian gods and goddesses, facing the sea. The architecture and the colours on the sculptures are truly a feast to the eyes. You can witness some intricate detailing, and authentic South Indian style of design.

Arignagar anna Zoological park

31 kms away from the city centre, this zoological garden is the oldest public zoo in India. Covering over 602 hectares of land, it is abundant with a variety of flora and fauna, close to 3000 different species. The unique feature of this place is that, it has a rescue and rehabilitation centre as well, which is one of its kind. A true paradise to all the nature lovers in the house. Nature freak or not, you are sure to enjoy this zoo, like never before.

Santhome cathedral Basilica

An ancient pilgrimage centre for the Christians, built by the Portuguese in the 14th century.  There is also a museum in the grounds nearby, which was built in the 18th century by the British. Not only does it attract people with Christian faith, but also history enthusiasts and those interested in architecture and design. It is located near the Chennai beach.  It stays true to Neo-gothic style of design.


Mylapore is no more than 25 to 30 mins away from Chennai. It makes for an ideal road trip on a bike. You can rent a Royal Enfield in Chennai from any reliable bike rental shops in Chennai and ride to this culturally rich region. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the cultural hub of the state. The lines of lush green trees, the beautiful temples, the musical kutcheris (concerts of classical music). It is here that you can feel the authentic Chennai culture. The eye catchy silk sarees, the fragrance of the flowers used as an accessory, the taste in rich music and the their typical taste for food.

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