5 Ways You Can Modify Your Car


Car purchase is nonetheless a big economic investment that doesn’t happen every day. For some it can even be a life time investment. But automotive industry is evolving in a jet speed that is bringing in advancements in every sphere, making car owners feel the urge to upgrade once their car gets  few years old. For them, there are plenty of scope to modify their car with all those features, that can make the car feel complete. Take a look if you find them suitable for you.

  1. Installing a Turbocharger

There are two basic ways to squeeze in more power from the engine of your car. One is by increasing its capacity and the other is getting more fuel and air mixture filtering into the cylinder. To make these happen either you will need to tune the carburetor and the cylinder head allowing the engine to `breathe’ more air or get more fuel and air mixture into the cylinders with the help of a turbocharger, which you can get from any trusted dealership like the Henderson Acura.

  1. Fitting a Body Kit

You might feel like bringing some change to your car’s appearance. For this people generally used to invest in a rear spoiler to reduce the drag factor while improving stability, but today one can go even further by fitting a complete body styling kit. These kits consist of a full range of spoilers as well as trims. Apart from increasing stability these also improve fuel economy as now the car becomes much more aerodynamically efficient.

Body styling kits can be bought both as a complete set or in individual parts that includes components like front and rear spoilers, side sills, wheel arch trims, or a rear valance for the rear bumper.

  1. Fitting a Sunroof

Sunroofs are the latest additive to the car exterior that can change the entire gamut of the car both for its exterior and interior. The sunroofs breathe in fresh air and sunlight inside the car, making the act of driving more pleasurable. This will considerably increase the resale value of your car as well, provided the job has been done with professional finish.

  1. Adding Extra Car Speakers

The standard sound system of any car is twin-speaker car stereo that come with one perpetual drawback. If the speakers are mounted on the rear shelf, you need to turn up the volume that gets uncomfortably loud for the rear passengers, while mounting it in the front makes it loud for the front. The best solution to this problem is to fit in a four-speaker system, where two speakers would be mounted in the front and two at the rear.

  1. Fitting a brake light warning system

Brake lights plays a vital role for other road-users by giving them are a warning signal to make sure that the brakes are always in working order. The best way according to a Henderson Acura dealership expert is to keep a notice on your brakes is installing brake light warning unit. This will monitor if there is any poor earth contact in the circuit, or whenever a wire gets disconnected.

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