5 Tips on How to Get the Money From Your Old Cars


You have been driving your car for at least 10 years now. No matter how you love it, it is about time you get a new vehicle to drive around the streets and highways of Brisbane. Even if you are financially stable to buy a new one, you still need to be wise on how you dispose of your old vehicle in order to get some money out of it.

There are several ways by which you can earn from your old car, and here are the top 5 tips:

1) Trade it in: Most car dealers accept trade-ins. It is like selling your car to them then providing additional cash to meet the price of the new vehicle. To make the most out of the trade-in, make sure that your car looks good so have it cleaned and detailed. Also, see how much your car model, considering all factors, sells in the classified ads so you can negotiate better with your dealer.

2) Sell your car: There are two ways of doing this, you can sell your car on your own or get an agent to do this for you. If you already have prospective buyers, like friends and family, then it would be much better than hiring a middleman. There are so many free classified ads sites in the web where you can post your car for sale. Include good pictures of your car and supply all information to fuel the interest of readers. In able to demand a higher price, have your car’s problems repaired first. Any smart buyer would not like to bring home a vehicle that is going to cause them a big headache later on.

3) Rent it out: You can keep your old car and advertise it for rent. There are online car rentalcommunities where you can post your car and find people who want to rent it. Tourists and local residents are your possible customers. Brisbane has 2 million residents, and chances are, some of them would need a car to use for the weekend or for a whole month. Private car rentals are priced lower than what car rental companies charge, making the demand for this service higher.

4) Have it wrecked: If your old car is considered a junk then be eco-friendly, recycle your old car. There are car wreckers in Brisbane and you can find them easily through a simple internet search. Shop around for those that can give you the best price for your car. They even get it from your homes for free so you do not have to worry about towing it to their yard anymore.

5) Give it as a gift: This is very applicable if you have a son or daughter who just got a driver’s license. Most parents are obliged to buy their child their first car. Instead of spending money on a new car, you can just give your old car. Chances are it is the same vehicle they used while learning to drive so there will not be any transition period anymore. New drivers are also prone to denting and scratching their cars, therefore, there is really no need to buy a brand new one.

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