5 Surprising Things That Happens in Calgary Escape Rooms


An adventure cum mind game, Escape room, has gained quite a number of fans worldwide; People are actively visiting similar type of mind game locations and centers across the globe to enjoy this fun game with their friends. One city which seems to be one of the popular destinations for this game is Calgary.This city, which is located in Canada has numerous companies offering such gaming areas where you always can come and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Today we will tell you something which hasn’t been told before. Being a game full of suspense and thrill, escape room sometimes gets the best of people. The adrenaline pumps up, heart races faster and people do things which they wouldn’t under normal circumstances.

Today we share top 5 such surprising things which people do or have seen in Calgary Escape rooms. How many of them have you seen or witnessed?

  1. People Bonding with Their Friends and Family Members More

One of the common things which most Calgary escape room owners have told us about is the habit of people bonding with their loved ones as they are about to unlock the secret behind. Whether it is the excitement of breaking free or the feeling of achieving something big, people tend to relay and trust their family or friends more in such situations and this helps them to bond more.

  1. No Chance of Escape

While some do have the problems solving and critical thinking gene within them, there are a few which lack this entirely. Almost every day, escape rooms in Calgary witness one or two groups who don’t have the slightest idea about why are they there and what exactly do they need to do. They are mostly there because a friend told them so and therefore they will spend 15-20 minutes or maximum half an hour trying, before finally giving up and quitting.

  1. Then There Are Those Who Will Do Anything to Escape

Opposite to the above class of people are people who will do anything they can, to try and escape. This is the majority of the population who enter into Calgary escape rooms. Some are a big fan of detective games and therefore they are thorough when they start investigating and looking out for clues. Then there are those who go by brute force and start picking locks (which is innovative but not fun). And in the end come those, who after realizing time is about to end, start pulling, pushing, turning anything they can find in a hope that something would work.

  1. Then There Are the Ones with Creativity

This category of people is often fun to watch. Rather than going through each step they simply find a better solution for same. For example, there is an escape room in Calgary which say, “We designed the game which required people to open two drawers and then find the clue present in each. Everyone always makes the effort of opening both the drawers until one group came and presented us with a better solution. They open the top drawer and took clues from it, then they removed the top drawer completely and reached for the contents of bottom one. Creative isn’t it?

  1. The Marriage Proposal

Yes, this actually happens in most Calgary Escape rooms. People often plan to surprise their loved ones by proposing them in a moment of pressure and tension only to see how shocked and happy their partner is. And you won’t believe it, however, most of the times the answer to this question in ‘Calgary escape room’ is ‘Yes’.

So these were the 5 surprising things which we had a chance to witness and hear about. Tell us about your experience of these rooms if you have ever been to one.

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