5 scrumptious dishes to make with corns


Bring the real energy with taste to your dining table. Yes, corns are rich source of phosphorous, pantothenic acid, dietary fibre, niacin, vitamin B6 and manganese. Crispy corn recipes bring the real energy to body and taste to the tongues. Apart from the common crispy corn kernels, why can’t you serve some special recipes made with corns on game nights, kitty parties and pot lucks?  Here are some colourful crispy combinations in cones.

Crispy Corn kernels

This can be said as an American dish. But at present, it crossed the international borders and is common on most of the tables. This excellent combination of corn kernels, capsicum, rice flour, onion and a mélange of spices rally makes it a mouth-watering recipe. Add taste to the evening tea time with this simple and easy delicacy. It is good to serve crispy corn kernels with lime wedges to share and serve the love. So, why can’t you get crispy corn recipe in Hindi to make this evening tea time so special.

Cheese corn pizza paratha

It is a fantastic lunch box idea especially or the kids. Make the kids stay away from unhealthy pizzas at the fast food centres. This pizza paratha stuffed with sweet corn kernels, bailed baby corns, grated mozzarella cheese, grated processed cheese, mayonnaise and some Italian seasoning really makes a good healthy and tasty option for the lunch box. It is a good idea to make use of black pepper to give something special to the taste. There is no doubt the kids will fall in love with the dish.

Cheese corn Momos

With its origination in Nepal and Tiber, Momos at present have become a popular snack recipe in India and enjoys popularity all over the world.  Corn Momos can be made with chicken, veg and even paneer. Excellent combination of the prime ingredient with pepper, cheese and salt merges with the creamy and coarse corn to serve Momos on the plate as a delicious dish. The choice is yours.

Cheese potato corn roll

Breathtakingly delicious! Yes, this is what cheese potato corn roll is, the very easy snack and a starter. Excellent mix of soft potato with thick paste of boiled corn, cheese and the black pepper makes it a really a tasty dish preferred by the kids with crayons to seniors with walking sticks. Serve it with the sauce of the choice.

Corn rasagulla ice cream

It is really interesting and inspiring to take rasagulla with ice cream. There is no doubt it is one of the favourite Indian sweets. Even though it is not an exact rasagulla, it really looks like rasagulla with its white round shape and the bread dipped with milk. Perfect and beautiful stuffing of fruit mixture and corn gives an excellent taste to the dish. Pour blended ice cream on the top of rasagulla to make it a magical combination called corn rasagulla ice cream. It is rich with taste and sweet.

Now why can’t you make use of crispy corn kernels recipe to make some magical dishes in your kitchen and serve it with a smile?

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