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5 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Professional Moving Company

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While the price may be the most tempting consideration when hiring a professional moving company, it does not pay to choose low cost over other factors such as reputation and experience. Your valuable possessions may just arrive broken, late or not at all.

Moving is right up there as one of the most stressful events you can go through.  Proper planning and preparation can make it less stressful. One way to ensure a smooth move is to do your homework and find the most reputable moving company around.



Experience counts for a great deal in the moving business. It takes knowledge, often built up over time, to be able to treat your belongings with the respect they deserve.  Perhaps you have items of furniture such as L-shaped couches and large beds that are difficult to maneuver through doors or narrow hallways. Maybe you have some precious heirlooms that you would never be able to replace.

You do not want to hand over your irreplaceable antique doll collection to a company with no experience. It’s also important when getting an estimate, to let a company know whether your new home has elevators or lots of stairs. If the additional staff has to be hired, this can ramp up costs.

You will be able to find out from a reputable moving company’s website about the number of years it has been in business.



It’s not just years of experience that matter but the track record of the company during those years.  A company with an excellent reputation can not only save you from unnecessary hassles during a move but will usually give you the best value for your money too. No company gains a great reputation when their customers feel they have paid too much for the service offered.

Reviews and testimonials


One of the ways to find out more about a moving company is to read online reviews. Social media sites such as Yelp and TrustLink can give you an idea of the experiences other people have had with a particular company. Your local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau will also have performance records. Of course, asking family and friends for recommendations can also be helpful. Make sure you ask them whether the company was professional, on time, had enough staff, handled possessions with care and had the right equipment for the job.

Insurance and license


Don’t ever use a moving company without insurance or a license! There is no guarantee that accidents won’t happen, even when using a reputable company. If the move is between states, the company has to have a DOT number. This can be found on the US Department of Transportation website. If the move is within a state, the company needs a state license and the state license database will also provide insurance information.

Variations in rates


Make sure that you know exactly what is incorporated in the rates. Rates can also vary based on days of the week as well as the season. Find out whether you get a better rate if you move on a Monday rather than a Saturday and whether they are higher in peak seasons.

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