5 Factors that make apps easier to remit than the websites


Today, everyone wants to get the best thing in a shorter period. The website has been proven to be the fastest gateway of communication with long-distance business. Today, the world is demanding even faster and personalized technology to communicate with the world surrounded. The website has helped to transmit the currency from one place to another within the shorter period but there is something which is even faster from website to perform the same or I should say better and personalized communication services provider platform. The tool is called app. Apps has been proven to be most customized and personalized money remittance services in comparison to the website.

Here are top five reasons why Apps are better than the website in money remittance services

Apps offers more personalized communication

Websites are useful tool for communication in terms getting personal and business services, but apps have been proven to be even better and faster communication services provider tool. The website is the universal platform where all the information given on websites is made for all whereas applications provide the opportunity to communicate personally with every user.  The company can create customized information to the individual customer based on the usage, interest, behavior and many other traits.

International money transfer apps give the option to customize the appearance of the application based on the likes and dislikes of the individual user.

Ease of notification

From very long time, email has been the fastest way of sending information to the user on a frequent basis. But with the excess use of email for promoting a business without the actual intention of the user, the attention of the user has been shifted from email due to unwanted bombardment of the email. To supplement the email system, notification has been widely used by the companies to information a personalized notification to the user which can be accessed by the user without going through a lengthy process of accessing email. Notification is widely accepted by the users as well as the company for advertisement and information sharing due to its instant functionality. Time consumed in sending information is much time lesser than sending an email message.

Work even offline

Another game-changing benefit of using notification message services is that this works even if you do not have the internet accessibility. You need an internet connection to act on the notification but to receive a notification; you do need to access the internet connection.

Use of add-on features of mobile in application

This is another important add-on function of the application. In Website, you are not given access to use the other features of mobile such as a scanner, camera, GPS device, contact detail. With the user of the application instead of a website, features of mobile can be utilized even in more efficient manner. Sending money is easier while using the apps instead of the website as you can instantly use the functions of mobile for scanning any document as required by the remittance service providers to prove the personal authentication.

People spend more time on apps over website

As per the study of a leading research organization, people spend more time on different applications instead of using websites. The study says that people spend almost  86% of the total time they spent in internet interaction on applications of which is the even higher side of the website time which is 14% of total time spent in internet surfing.

Faster and easy to use

This is another essential feature of the mobile application; apps are lighter than the websites in their size and take less time and data to load in comparison to the website. The website consumes same internet data every time we access it but mobile application once installed, will consume very less data when we are used for communication.

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